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Skincare, carry on style

Skincare, carry on style

Ah the dreaded carry on liquid allowance. How i envy people who check in bags and can bring all of their full size bottles of micellar water, and 200ml bottles of cut price suncream they bought in the sale months ago in preparation. I however, have to fit my entire skincare routine into one of those tiny sandwich bags. So, a lot of thought and pre planning went into streamlining and curating a mini holiday appropriate carry on skincare routine. 

Skincare routine carry on aeroplane travelling liquid allowance


There are two products i refuse to substitute and both of those products are cleansers, they’re my ride or die desert island products i couldn’t live without – and while trips to Ireland and Spain aren’t quite desert island isolation, i still couldn’t travel without them. The first is Estee Lauder perfectly clean, my makeup won’t come off without this, i forgot it last year and cleansing was a living hell so i had travel size stocked away for months before leaving. The combination of the perfectly clean and Garnier micellar water is a match made in heaven, and is the entirety of my makeup removal on holiday; i did however have to buy a big bottle of micellar water at the airport because their on the go size is 125ml and won’t make it past security. 

For my second cleanse i used no other than Liz Earle cleanse and polish. Last year i thought i was being a genius by decanting this into little pots, (messy does not come close) so i levelled up this year by buying the travel size and it’s still going days after i’ve returned home. There’s a reason you hear people saying they’ve used cleanse and polish for over 20 years, it really is just that good and i feel like i’ll turn into one of those ranting skincare people in 20 years too.. 


Usually at this point i’d get onto toner but i actually didn’t bring one on holiday with me – partly because i ran out, but lets pretend i’m being a minimalist for once, shall we? All i packed in the treatment category was my Sunday Riley UFO facial oil, to give my acne prone skin that kick of salicylic acid it needs of a nighttime. I did mss my toner though so i don’t think i’ll leave that out the next time i travel, mini bottle decanting here we go again. 

Skincare routine carry on aeroplane travelling liquid allowance

Moisturise and SPF:

You may look at pictures of me on instagram after coming back from Spain and think “why is she still a ghostly shade of white?” and that’s because i cover my self head to toe in suncream. I learnt the hard way that my body doesn’t take kindly to sun exposure, and with the pigmentation i already have on my face, SPF is no laughing matter kids. It’s a good thing i kept the rest of my routine in scaled down mini bottles and it’s mainly because i needed room for my iS Clinical SPF 30. I would use this on my face during the day and i didn’t burn once, i never wear makeup during the day on holiday so i’m always worried about burning but this did the trick. Some facial suncreams cause havoc with my acne prone skin, but i didn’t get any breakouts with this, it’s also hydrating enough that i was able to double it up as my daily moisturiser too.

My beloved kiehl’s ultra facial cream has a new SPF twin, so i couldn’t resist picking up a tub before i went away, i brought this as my moisturiser to put underneath makeup and as my night cream. This is a thicker formula than the original ultra facial cream, which i expected with the addition of the SPF 30, but i still didn’t get any extra breakouts. I’d say using this with a light hand if you’ve go oily skin is definitely the way to go. To give the SPF a fair test i wore this during the day on one occasion and i didn’t have any problems – even with just one application in the morning. I’d say you could safely get away with just using this for a 2in1 moisturiser and SPF, but if you’ve got really sun sensitive skin i’d go for a sole SPF like the iS Clinical one. 

Skincare routine carry on aeroplane travelling liquid allowance

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What is your carry on skincare like? – Maria x



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