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Realistic carry on essentials

Realistic carry on essentials

We’ve all read a “carry on essentials post” or watched a youtube video on the same topic, but why is it that the person making the post or video, will talk through a never ending list of “essentials” that they’re almost definitely not taking on the plane?

Your suitcase is heavy enough, the chances of you lugging around hand luggage filled to the brim with face masks or three different hydrating facial sprays are slim. Like most other human beings i find travel both exciting and stressful, i’m a serial over packer of my suitcase but when it comes to moving on and off a plane i don’t want to carry a 2 tonne weight along with me. These are my actual carry on essentials, not a face mask or facial spray insight.

Carry on essentials hand luggage blog post sudio sweden

I won’t even leave the house without it, (let alone be suspended in mid air with no access to a wall socket) so my trusty portable charger is a non optional addition to my carry on. Standard millennial connectivity aside, having access to your mobile is hugely important when travelling – especially if you’ve got your boarding passes on your phone or you need to contact someone upon arrival. I got mine from Amazon, it takes quite a while to fully charge especially if it’s empty, but i’d say i get two 100% charges from this, so it does the job for an affordable price and it’s smaller than other portable chargers too!

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If you can get through a flight without music you must be some type of alien, it’s my go to journey activity – whether i’m travelling to meet a friend or flying transatlantic. Ever since apple brought in the new shaped headphones (i think it was with the iPhone 5?) my ears have struggled, there’s something about their shape and the shape of my ear that just doesn’t work. It means i can’t wear headphones for more than two hours a time without getting some seriously achey ears, tmi?

The game has changed however since i got sent these Vasa BLA EarPhones from Sudio Sweden, they’re much more comfortable to wear and obviously the sound quality is superior too. I like to dabble in high end beauty products but these are like the Estee Lauder of headphones, mine are pink and wireless so they’ll work when i upgrade to an iPhone 7. The shape of these mean i can have them in for as long as i like, so i don’t have to go hours without music, and the leather pouch they come in means i don’t lose them or get them tangled while travelling.
 Pink earphones with rose gold detailing, i couldn’t think of anything more me if i tried. Sudio sweden have given me a 15% discount code MariaJ15, so you can treat yourself to some fancy Instagrammable headphones for yourself.

Carry on essentials hand luggage blog post sudio sweden vasa bla pink

There’s nothing like a holiday read right? If you’re heading somewhere where the main daily activity is lounging by the pool you’ll probably die of boredom without a good book. For my recent holiday i read Shari Lapena’s “The couple next door”, i was engrossed from page one and finished it within a few pool side lounging sessions. Unfortunately it can’t appear in this post, i couldn’t fit it in my suitcase on the way back after one too many fridge magnet purchases, so i gave it to a lady staying next door, lets hope she didn’t just throw it in the bin..

Planes are dirty, they’re a breeding ground for colds because having a few hundred adults and children stacked together in a metal tube is just too much for the human body to handle. Plane toilets also leave a lot to be desired, so i always carry a hand sanitiser with me, usually i don’t have to use it but incase they run out of hand soap at least i know it’s there to save me from a germ induced panic. Keeping on the theme of hygiene, a packet of gum is also a serious essential of mine. Flying can mean travelling for an entire day and i hate feeling like i really need to brush my teeth, so even if it is a quick fix, it does the job until you get to your destination.

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See, i promised it would be realistic! I always hoped i would be the type of person who does a face mask on a plane, but i’m not and to be honest i don’t think many people are, so i think having clean hands, a fully charged phone and some entertainment will do just fine.

What do you take on the plane? – Maria x


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