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Jumping into the world of Colourpop

Jumping into the world of Colourpop

I wouldn’t call myself a makeup snob.. well maybe just a little bit. Even though i hate to admit it, and while there are so many good affordable makeup brands, i do usually find that the standard is just higher when you pay a little bit more. Something that made me question my thoughts was the rise of Colourpop cosmetics. Since 2014, the internet (instagram i see you), has been filled with glowing reviews for a brand who’s lipsticks cost around 6$, that’s less than £6 to you and me British folk. 

So, is possibly the most popular makeup brand at the minute all it’s cracked up to be? I feel like i’ve just said the line that would start a police investigation show .. Let’s investigate. 

Colourpop cosmetics super shock shadows love line foursome review ultra matte ultra satin out and about bundle gemini by night pressed powder palette swatches 2017

It’s only right that we start with lipsticks, after all i’m pretty sure they’re the product that got Colourpop to where they are right now. The shiny little beautifully packaged shades below are from the out and about bundle, before i go on can we talk about how amazing it is that they do bundles where you literally save money?? Can you imagine walking into boots and being able to buy a prepackaged set of lipsticks..nope? Neither can i, we’re missing out over here. Also they do minis, minis. I’ll stop going on now, but they’re just so ahead of the game i can’t get over it. The out and about bundle has a total value of 18$ when bought separately, but buying them in the bundle means you only pay 15$..see..bundles. It contains 2 ultra mattes and 1 ultra satin which i was pretty pleased about, this is my first time trying Colourpop so it’s nice to be able to try a variation of formulations.  

Colourpop cosmetics ultra matte ultra satin out and about bundle review swatches baracuda viper times square

Okay let’s get to it, the goods, the swatches. As i write this it’s 6 days since i took these photos and swatches, and i still have faint marks on my arm from the liquid lipsticks .. that’s what you get for being lazy and not cleaning them off straight away, but it also tells you a lot about their lasting power. 

Viper and Times square are the ultra mattes from the bundle, and are the most similar formula to a Kylie lip kit that i have ever found, but obviously much cheaper. They’re a very true liquid matte, as in not a lip cream but a thin liquid that dries down in under a minute to a completely matte finish. 

Being a true liquid matte formula it does mean these are on the drying side, but i think that pretty much comes hand in hand when you’re talking actual liquid formulas rather than cream, and they are definitely no more drying than any other liquid lipstick. The finish however is really soft to touch, (i don’t usually make a habit of touching my mouth but you know when testing calls), so when i actually touch my lips with these on it feels very light and not like i’m touching an inch thick of liquid lipstick. 

The wear time with the liquid mattes is also very good, i’d say if you were going to be wearing this all day at work for example you could apply these in the morning and get away with only having to top it up after lunch. Even though i would top it up after eating, its only really necessary in the centre of the lips, the majority of it does stay on but there’s inevitable wear and tear right in the middle where food actually touches. 

Colourpop cosmetics ultra matte ultra satin out and about bundle review swatches baracuda viper times square

Baracuda is the warm toned ultra satin from the bundle, and out of the two formulas is probably my favourite. Even though i’ve always been a die hard liquid matte girl, there’s something about the liquid satin formula that’s slightly winning me over. The liquid satin is less drying but actually has better wear time than most of the liquid mattes i have in my collection from other brands, and although it doesn’t wear for as long as the Colourpop liquid mattes it does come pretty damn close. Even though it’s a satin formula it does still come across fairly matte, so if you want a semi matte finish this could be for you. 

Both formulas are really pigmented and the tiniest amount goes a long way, but that also means you’re at risk of making a mess, so a liner is definitely needed with both the ultra mattes and satins. Another thing to note is that these shades dry quite dark, i’m going to order some myself but i think i’ll go for shades which look the tiniest bit too light, in the hope that they’ll dry a slightly darker colour.  

When i remember that these are 6$ each it blows my mind, i honestly don’t think i’d be able to tell the difference in a blind test between a 6$ Colourpop lipstick and a 25$ high end one. 

Colourpop cosmetics super shock shadows love line foursome review

Everyone does liquid lipsticks now, so my true excitement comes from brand exclusives and super shock shadows are a colourpop exclusive. Ask anyone about these and they’ll tell you a tale of the most unique and beautiful shadow formula the world ever did see, i was pretty excited to crack these open and essentially cover my eyelids in them, and i was not disappointed. I have the Love Line foursome, 4 supershock shadows with a mix of finishes. I don’t even know how to describe the super shock formula, it’s almost as if it’s a cream to powder finish, they’re insanely pigmented and the smoothest shadows i have ever used. 

Colourpop cosmetics super shock shadows love line foursome review swatches

Out of everything i received the super shock shadows have to be my favourites, you can see from the swatches just how pigmented these are with absolutely no patchiness or chalkiness, and that’s down to the ultra smooth formula. All of these swatches are from one finger application, honestly if i was someone looking at these swatches i would swear they were photoshopped, but 1) Do i even know how to photoshop??? Sadly no. 2) Do i pay for photoshop??? Even more, no. These are probably one of the most innovative products i’ve ever tried; i think we’ve gotten so used to brands just copying each other lately, so to find a completely original product and formulation is amazing and i’m over excited. 

I apply these with my finger (I know i’ve gone against every rule we’ve made since the early 2000s but they work better this way) and then do any final blending with a brush. The shadows in Love Line couldn’t be more me either; shimmery golds, dusty pink and neutral browned toned purples are literally all i ever wear so it’s the perfect quad for me. I’ve been wearing “brady” all over the lid and “static” in the outer corner constantly, and if i want to make it a more nighttime look i’d add “sequin” to the centre of the lid and “truth” in the inner corner. Super shock shadows are so unique, i really think you could get away with wearing just one shade all over and still have a really unique look, also that’s a time saving dream. 

Colourpop cosmetics pressed powder shadow gemini by night palette review

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If Super shock shadows don’t sound like you’re thing, (really what the hell is your thing if they aren’t but okay) then Colourpop also do pressed powder shadows that either come in palettes or singles. I have the Gemini by Night palette which again, couldn’t be more perfect for me – look at those shades, they’re the embodiment of the heart eyes emoji. 

I feel like everyone is going to get bored of me saying how everything is amazing but, they are just deal with it. These pressed powder shadows are some of the best powder shadows i’ve tried, yep I’m going there again they’re that good, especially considering the price. 

It’s easy to swatch a shimmery shade and get good pigmentation and instantly think it’s the best shadow you’ve ever seen, so i never start with shimmery shades anymore, i start with the light matte shades. Light matte shades are the hardest to get right, most of the time even in a 45$ palette i’ll swatch a light matte and get literally nothing from it – chalk anyone? Look at the swatches below, more importantly look at the shade “golden gate bridge” a warm nude, usually a shade like this would be barely detectable but look at it. My mouth opened when i swatched this, i can’t believe the colour payoff from a nude shade, the proof is in the swatching my friends. 

All of the Colourpop shadows, pressed and super shock had great lasting power too, i didn’t get any creasing even when i went without primer (which was most of the time, i’m lazy) and that’s something not even all expensive shadows can do. Also the pressed powder shadows are incredibly blendable, they work well alongside other shadows from different brands and don’t ever bunch up or get stuck in one place mid blend. 

One thing to note with my swatch of “Moscow sunrise” below is that it is much more pink in person, it really is more similar to the shade you see in the pan picture above. I’m not sure why on my camera it photographed so warm/orange toned, but if you check out the swatch on the Colourpop website here it is closer to that shade. 

Colourpop cosmetics pressed powder shadow gemini by night palette review swatches

Are we all still here? We got through my first ever Colourpop experience, after trying it for myself i get it. I get the hype. I’ve got my eye on a pretty long list of other Colourpop products and shades, brb setting up instagram notifications so i know when they’re doing free international shipping.

Do you have anything from Colourpop? – Maria x



Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. 

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