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Is your makeup ICONIC?

Is your makeup ICONIC?

Instagram brands are a thing now, but only one is Iconic. If you’ve got an Instagram account (of course you do) chances are you’ve heard of Iconic London (of course you have), they’re a cult social media cosmetics brand with a huge following and some pretty damn iconic products. Today we’re talking two things i’ve been previously too scared to try, cream contouring and those round brushes. 

iconic london cream contour palette evo brushes review

I have a lot of makeup brushes, a lot – but missing from my collection were the style of makeup brush that took Instagram by storm around this time last year. Since then everyone has brought out their own form of the dense round brush head, for Iconic it’s the EVO and PRO-EVO. These rose gold beauties are the EVO complete face set, 6 brushes for all different areas of the face with multiple uses. I’ve seen these used in multiple tutorials so i knew where i was with these even before using them, but if you’ve never seen these used i’d check out a good old youtube video before you start. 

iconic london cream contour palette evo brushes review

These are the softest brushes i’ve ever used, i’m a huge fan of a dense brush so obviously i knew i was going to love these. I can’t imagine the number of bristles they have packed into one of these or how you would even go about making them, but there just isn’t any gapping and i haven’t experienced any shedding either. 

Everything about these is just luxury, the bristles and shape alone have me sold, but it helps that they’re the most beautiful rose gold colour and the handles are a self titled “diamond” shape. Even though i was pretty versed in how to use these i was initially apprehensive, but i was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to use; depending on the product i either used a swiping motion for things like foundation, or a buffing motion for things that require extra blending. 

These really pick up product well and help everything blend seamlessly, they work particularly well with the cream contour palette which i’m going to get onto now because i’m just too excited about that. 

iconic london cream contour palette evo brushes review swatches

Cream contouring is something i associate with the Kardashians or the discover page on instagram, it’s not something that i ever associate with my very own makeup routine. I’ve only ever tried a cheap cream contour palette and i was less than impressed, but i knew about the hype around this, i had seen the instagams so i sucked it up and began contouring.. 

iconic london cream contour palette evo brushes review swatches

This is the THE creamiest formulation i have ever experienced, like i said i had only ever used a cheap palette before so i really didn’t know what to expect when i swatched this, but once my finger hit the pigment i knew this was completely different to any other creams i had ever tried. I fell in love, i particularly fell in love with the highlight shades. 

This cream contour palette has changed my base game, i’ve been using the highlight shades under my eyes, on my chin and down my nose, i’ve gone full on Instagram discovery page. The reason why this has changed my base game is not down to the highlight though, because these creams are so pigmented they actually have amazing coverage meaning applying these shades before my foundation actually evens out my skin tone and helps with my acne scarring. Using this now means i only have to use one layer of foundation and my scarring is completely covered, my foundation looks lighter, smoother and i haven’t got any scarring showing through. Obsessed.

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The contour shades are amazing too, they’re really cool so you won’t look orange and are the same creamy blendable formulation as the highlight shades, so if you do make a mistake you can buff away and fix it. The combination of using this palette with the EVO brushes is just perfect, the brushes pick up the creams and distribute them amazingly, just don’t go overboard these are incredibly pigmented – a little goes along way. I’m even going to attempt to contour my nose, furiously googles Kardashian makeup tutorials. 

Just as i’m writing this i saw you can get the contour palette for £24 today (24/07/17) with the code SNATCHED24 it’s not an affiliate code, i just saw it on the website and i thought it was a happy coincidence that i published this today!

iconic london cream contour palette swatches review

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My daily makeup routine has two brand new additions, i can’t see myself doing my makeup without these now and i can’t believe i didn’t pick up on using creams sooner. I love that the contour palette has helped me so much with getting a natural high coverage finish, i’m constantly trying to find ways to conceal my scarring without multiple layers, and these have really helped me achieve that.
 Also worth mentioning Iconic London are the #1 seller of cruelty free makeup and brushes!

Have you tried anything from Iconic? – Maria x

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.

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