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How i store my makeup

How i store my makeup

Makeup storage and collections are very 2017, gone are the days of a makeup bag with your go to faves, it seems now everyone has a foundation collection and Ikea Alex drawers filled to the brim with palettes. I am no exception, my collection is pretty established and growing, so recently i took to eBay to expand my acrylic storage and sort out my makeup life. If organisation makes you excited you’re in for a wild ride.

how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes

I found palettes the hardest thing to store, you’d think they’d be the easiest being fairly flat and rectangular, but i just kind of had them either shoved in a drawer or balancing on top of each other (my Becca face palette broke because of my neglect at proper storage). I went on the hunt for palette storage and i found possibly the best thing to hit eBay since 99p phone cases, this acrylic storage system. For £14.95 and free P&P my dreams had come true, it’s genius isn’t it? Am i the only one who’s never seen anything like this before? You can even adjust the spacing to make the gaps bigger or smaller or you could fit multiple palettes in one slot, i’ve even been slotting smaller palettes down the side too, 3 in one slot it’s convince heaven! I can see all of my palettes now, none are hidden away and it’s no hassle keeping things tidy because i just place a palette back in here when I’m done with it and nothing is out of place, i’m pretty happy about this one, can you tell? 

how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes

Don’t be fooled, what you see below is no drawer-foundation-and-lipstick-holder hybrid, no. It’s two Primark storage systems placed on top of each other. The two drawers are one part and then the holder on top is separate, but because they’re both from Primark the dimensions of the bottom are the exact same so the top half slots in perfectly. The drawers even have grooving at the top so it means the second bit is held in securely.. i’m starting to think they might have designed them to go together, but we’ll just keep pretending this was all me okay? 

This is quite a small little combo but it’s ideal for any extras, i use the two drawers below for excess pressed powders and eyelash glue and the top has a slot big enough for 4 foundations and a sample size, along with 6 lipstick holes which i’m using for lip balms, primers and lipstick overspill. I can’t link to these because they’re Primark, but i was in my local the other day and they’re all still there, so pop into yours and you should find them – i believe the top half was around £4.50 and the drawers were £6. 

how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes organisation

Before my acrylic storage overhaul, all of my nail varnishes were either out or thrown into a jar which i had to completely empty before i could get to the nail varnish that i wanted to use.. not practical. That was until i typed “nail varnish holder” into eBay and found this stroke of genius, a £7.49 three tiered, acrylic masterpiece to say the least. This stores all of my nail varnishes with space left over for primers and other bits and bobs at the top, in some places you can’t even get a sandwich for £7.49 – i even left eBay feedback i was so pleased. You could use this for other things too, if you’ve got a giant collection of liquid highlighters, foundations or other bottled things of that size this would work amazingly for storage for those.

how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes nail varnish holder

Now we have lipsticks, the daily question “what lipstick will i wear today?” now mine are all out in their glory ready to be picked. Specifically ready to be picked out of this 24 piece lipstick holder, that only cost me £7.16, eBay i love you. Sometimes i think lipsticks are some of the most beautifully designed cosmetics, so it’s only right i have them out on display, right? The only thing that annoys me about this is that i don’t have the entire thing filled with Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks exclusively. I’ll just have to buy another and fill it up and that will be my excuse. 

how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes lipstick holder

I keep the bulk of my makeup in this Muji set of 5 acrylic drawers, this was actually the first makeup storage i ever bought and at the time it was actually enough to hold it all. It was before i started a blog, and we all know when you have a blog you just end up buying more makeup, it’s inevitable. 

I use this to hold the makeup i reach for the most, although it looks fairly full it actually isn’t, there’s 2-3 drawers that are practically empty. Once i explain my second acrylic set of drawers you’ll see how some makeup i’m testing will eventually make it into those empty slots. These Muji storage drawers are what everyone used to have when acrylic storage started becoming popular, but i do find they’re pricey and now that makeup storage is more common, you can find the same thing on Ebay for cheaper. 

how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes muji 5 drawer

I did however find the Muji or Ebay drawers really restricting, even for normal makeup collections the fact the drawers we’re all the same size and the biggest thing you could fit inside was the height of a bronzer, meant a lot of products just didn’t work inside. Then HerClutterBox came to my rescue, if you’re someone with a larger than normal makeup collection this line of acrylic storage will save your bacon (and your eyeliner). I actually keep this 5 drawer HerClutterBox on my desk away from where all my other makeup storage is, at the minute i use it for new makeup i’m currently testing out but i’m planning to also use it for excess makeup that doesn’t get used on a daily basis too. 

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how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes HerClutterBox

This is huge, the photos don’t even illustrate just how big this is. The bottom drawer is about double the size of the rest of the drawers (you could stand up lipsticks in this) , and the top drawer has hinges so you can actually lift the lid and access products in the top drawer that way too. A HerClutterBox is definitely a considerable purchase compared to cheap eBay storage, but it’s one to consider if you’re looking to invest in some proper sturdy high quality storage. Also this comes with little acrylic dividers too so you can even organise your organisation, magic. This is the type of thing you keep for life, it’s the highest quality heaviest acrylic i have come across and is for the most serious about storage. 

how to store makeup acrylic storage palettes HerClutterBox

Some may call it obsessive, and it probably is, but it’s organised too. The only problem is, i think i’m going to need more soon ..

How do you store your makeup? – Maria x



Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. 

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