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Getting scientific with skincare

Getting scientific with skincare

I love it when my skincare sounds “sciencey”, don’t you? Even though a lot of products use complicated terminology to convince you they’ve got the most high tech products around, most of the time it’s all in the wording with no substance. Regardless, i get a little kick out of using something that in my dreams was made by someone in a lab coat. Indeed Labs are one of those brands in question, they give off this image sitting on the shelf in boots, cased in their clean, colour coded packaging, that there’s serious science behind the products ..but are they actually any good?

Indeed Labs Laboratories skincare hydraluron nanoblur review

Indeed Labs sent me two products from their ever so sciencey skincare range to test out. The first being Nanoblur, (which is probably what they’re best known for) and the second being one of my favourite products to test out, a moisturiser: The Hydraluron moisture jelly. 

When i first saw the Nanoblur, i assumed it was a standard pore perfecting primer and went straight ahead and applied it after my moisturiser and under my foundation. I learnt the hard way, nanoblur is not a primer and you can’t wear it under makeup, it goes wrong trust me. Nanoblur is an instant skin blurring cream, you can wear this with makeup but it actually goes over the top of your foundation. Or you can wear it when you’re having a no makeup day, to perfect the look of your makeup free skin. 

So, what is an instant skin blurring cream i hear you ask? Nanoblur was born with the rise of the HD camera to blur imperfections, so it does just that. This is a product that gets to work literally within seconds to blur pores, blemishes and fine lines. Despite sounding similar to a pore filling silicone based product this is very different, the obvious difference being that you would use this over your makeup rather than under, but the biggest difference coming in the results. My favourite way to use this is when i’m not wearing makeup, i have huge pores and uneven texture so anything to boost my confidence without actually applying makeup is good to me. Also i’m not a fan of products you apply over makeup so i wouldn’t personally use it that way either, but if you’re found of that method you could use this on days where you’re wearing makeup as well as using it without. This filters out your pores which is difficult to do when they’re mini grand canyons like mine and gives your skin an airbrushed look and although i don’t really have any fine lines, the concept is the same as filling in pores so i imagine it works just as well for that purpose too.

Indeed Labs Laboratories skincare hydraluron nanoblur review

Now we come to the main event, the hydraluron moisture jelly. Even the name of this made me excited, if you’ve been here before you’ll know I’m constantly battling with my skin – I have combination skin which is really oily in places and dry in others. My difficult skin means i need  moisturiser that’ll hydrate my skin properly to deal with my dry patches, but also one that won’t be too rich and cause further blemishes.. i don’t want much do i? 
The first thing i noticed about this was the packaging, this comes in a “pump jar” if you don’t know what a pump jar is, basically you have to press the top down to release the product that comes out of the top. It means you get the perfect amount each time and the product isn’t left to dry out or oxidise. It’s also way more hygienic that standard moisturisers that come in jars, no more product under my nails!

I won’t beat around the bush, this has been doing incredible things to my skin after having used this everyday, morning and night for three weeks. Sometimes moisturisers give me whiteheads because my skin just freaks out when they’re too heavy, but because this is a super lightweight formula it hasn’t caused me any issues. This works to hydrate just as well as any thick cream if not better, in fact. My skin is left glowing and perfectly hydrated, it’s hard to describe because although you know the product is working beneath the skin it works on the surface too, it’s not one of those products that skink in and then disappear. This skins in and works but still leaves the surface cooled and hydrated.

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This has become one of my favourite moisturisers if not my favourite, the only downside is that it is pricey at £24.99 but if you’re someone like me who is into skincare or struggles with their skin and is willing to spend extra to get results, i’d say it was worth every penny. (Also this does go on offer at boots so.. i can justify it right?) I’ve noticed a significant reduction of whiteheads since using this, i’m pretty certain that means my previous moisturiser no matter how much i love it, was clogging my pores. So i’m glad i’ve found this as a replacement.

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Have you ever tried Indeed Labs? – Maria x

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples and affiliate links. 

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