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A fragrance for summer that happens to be a Giorgio Armani dupe

A fragrance for summer that happens to be a Giorgio Armani dupe

In my mind summer isn’t so much associated with smelling nice, but rather smelling a little bit sweaty on the tube at rush hour. Just me? ..Okay. Never the less i still romanticise over spritzing on a summery fragrance, and frolicking around a beach at sunset (maybe a bit less frolicking and more sitting). So when it comes to summer, i do usually pick up a new fragrance so i can fulfil at least some of my summer dreams, a few weeks ago i got sent the new Ghost Sweetheart Forever fragrance and it’s become my go to for day to day.  

Ghost sweetheart forever review

I feel like i don’t feature fragrance that much on my blog, but it’s actually one of my favourite parts of my beauty routine. There’s just something about completing your whole look by spraying on something beautiful, and getting that “you smell really nice” compliment. 

I’m a sweet / floral scent person, think YSL Black Opium and my particular favourite Chanel Chance Eau Vive, which might not be for anyone but i love smelling as sweet as the sugar plum fairy, no shame. Ghost Sweetheart Forever is basically like the new Ghost Sweetheart, it’s kind of like the 2017 makeover of a classic, complete with rose gold detailing – can you get more 2017 than rose gold? Nope. 

Ghost sweetheart forever review

I’m going to be honest, despite working on a perfume counter for the best part of a year i should know all about the fragrance notes, but i don’t, i got through that with a lot of made up waffle. Ghost sweetheart forever comes under the floriental category, which matches florals with woody and spicy notes to make a fragrance that smells a little bit less like you’ve been slapped in the face with a bouquet, and more like “flowers are nice but i also don’t want to smell like an old lady”. Florientials to me are like the young woman’s floral. 

When i first smelt this i knew i loved it but i also knew it smelt like something else, you know when you can’t quite put your finger on a scent, and your head feels like it’s going to fall apart trying to place it? It’s kind of the same feeling you get when you walk into a room and forget what you’ve gone in for. Alas, after wearing it for about an hour and multiple wrist sniffs on the tube later, it came to me: Giorgio Armani Si

This to me, smells very similar to Giorgio Armani Si, the incredibly expensive fragrance that i was about to cave and spend wayyy too much money on. It’s not exactly the same, that would be impossible, but it’s similar enough when you consider a 50 ml bottle of Armani Si is £73 and the Ghost alternative is £34.

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Ghost sweetheart forever review

This is an EDT so it doesn’t have that incredible lasting power of a high end perfume. However i am really in love with this scent, and would happily buy a handbag friendly 30ml to have on hand to top up on a longer than average day. On a quick trip out or if you’re only planning a day time excursion however this is perfect, especially for warm days where the thought of wearing a heavy over powering scent on public transport makes everyone slightly dizzy.. cue disapproving looks from fellow travellers. 

I’ve found my daytime summer scent, and it just so happens to be a designer dupe. Don’t believe me? They’re both in Boots, so go in and smell them for yourself! – Maria x

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