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My new holy grail primer

My new holy grail primer

You wouldn’t paint a wall without a primer underneath, so why would you apply your foundation without one? I don’t know about you, but i feel like there was actually a time when primer just didn’t really exist in mainstream makeup terms. Obviously they were present in the kits of makeup artists, and within high end brands, but they have only really integrated properly into the drugstore market in the last ten years. I think i only discovered the miracle of primer in around 2013, since then it’s one of the only makeup products i use that has become non-negotiable, if I’m applying foundation there will be a primer underneath, fact

The primer i choose to use however, has always been under negotiations – is anyone else picturing a board meeting of men in suits discussing what primer i should use today? Although i’ve had a few favourites that i’ve repurchased over the years, there was always just something missing. That was until i got this Pixi flawless & poreless primer in the goody bag from the Blogosphere Magazine blog awards, and my life (maybe just my makeup life..) changed. 

Pixi by Petra flawless and poreless primer review

A little bit of background if you’re new here: I have combination skin, one day it decides to flake and the other it decides to be as greasy as a McDonald’s breakfast, i also have an ongoing acne situation so it’s a lot of fun to say the least. I generally go for pore minimising primers to smooth out my skin texture, and all in all just provide a little bit of a fake base for my foundation to sit on top of, rather than having it just sitting on top of my skin. So when i saw the words “Flawless & Poreless“, i hoped and prayed that i was going to be in for a good time.

The primer itself isn’t a thin consistency, i wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s thick either but it has got that certain level of thickness you need to fill in pores without being heavy. It’s unlike other pore minimising primers because it doesn’t have a silicone base, which stops it being slippery or having that “rolling off the skin” tendency that some have. 

Immediately when first applying this i noticed how tacky this is, initially i didn’t know if that would be a bad sign or not but we’ll get to that. Over the last week the biggest thing i’ve noticed when i use this is how glowy my skin is afterwards, it’s actually quite hard to describe but it’s almost a matte glow which.. yes doesn’t make too much sense but bare with me. After applying this my skin is completely smoothed out and my pores definitely appear less pronounced, but my skin also has this healthy glow to it without being shiny. My natural shine has been combatted but it has been replaced by a natural luminosity, not the type of glow you’d get from a highlighter but just almost like the type of glow you’d get if you had really good skin. Which is basically what we all want right?

 Also the new found healthy look my skin has after applying this, doesn’t actually disappear underneath my foundation, you can still see the effects of the primer once i’ve applied even high coverage foundation.

Pixi by Petra flawless and poreless primer review

Getting back to that tackiness i mentioned earlier, although the consistency means it does take a few more seconds to fully blend with the skin, once it does it becomes a huge plus point. I have to admit i did worry when i first applied this that it would mess with my foundation, but it did the complete opposite, it provided the most perfect base. My foundation applied really smoothly over the top of the primer and because of the tackiness I’m sure the longevity was increased. I don’t usually have any issues with my makeup not lasting purely because of the foundation i wear, but where my foundation does usually deteriorate or get shiny after multiple hours, it just didn’t happen when i was wearing this. 

I’ll stop banging on about one tube of primer now, but before i do i want to add in after looking at the ingredients of this i realised it does have a small percentage of salicylic acid in too. I really like the idea that there’s a barrier with an added bit of skincare in between my skin and my foundation, it’s reassuring isn’t it? 

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This is the type of product i panic buy on offer incase it gets discontinued, whats your holy grail primer? – Maria x



Disclaimer: This post contains a product gifted to me and affliate links, the product was not gifted with the expectation of a review.

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