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Getting a Glamglow

Getting a Glamglow

Glamglow seemed to spring up all of a sudden in 2016, and quickly became a cult brand that you couldn’t miss while scrolling down your Instagram feed. The only problem was that you’d have to travel 3000 miles across the Atlantic to get your hands on a tub, that was until they became available in boots and on UK websites. Can you hear the cries of happiness from British beauty bloggers? 

Glamglow gravity mud firming treatment mask review

Glamglow helped me fill the Galmglow shaped hole in my skincare cupboard, when they offered to send me the gravity mud firming treatment mask or “the purple silver one” as i have been known to call it in the past. I feel like this mask is classic Glamglow, it’s the one i’ve always had my eye on so i’m excited that this is the first one i’ve added to my collection. 

Am i the only one who didn’t know Glamglow masks are peel off? You know me i love serious exfoliation and the satisfaction of peeling off a good mask is something that never gets old, the bottle instructs you to apply a generous layer and peel off so i knew i was in for a fun 30 minutes. 

The first thing i couldn’t help but notice with this is the colour; i don’t know if the silver serves a purpose or whether it’s just a gimmick, but i sure as hell enjoyed looking like a cross between a spacewoman, and what i think an alien would look like while i had it on. 

Although this is a peel off mask this didn’t feel drying at all which is a definite plus point in my book, the mask did completely dry down after about 20 minutes but it wasn’t drying on my skin and there is a major difference between the two. After sitting in the bath looking like an actual spacewoman alien i started peeling the mask off, it was easy to grab a hold of and peeled off largely in one go which is something that a lot of cheaper masks find hard to achieve. A lot of the time with peel off masks, i have to give up and wash them off because they just won’t do what they say on the bottle but i had no problems with this. 

Immediately after peeling the mask off my skin did feel firmer, without feeling tight – who knew i actually needed a firming agent, not me up until now! The biggest thing i noticed was how glowy my skin looked, i really thought Glamglow was just a tag line but really my skin was way more glowy than prior to using the mask. My face wasn’t left shiny or greasy, it just had a radiance boost and the overall skin quality was better. 

Glamglow gravity mud firming treatment mask review

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Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples.

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