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Beauty arsenal for the festival season

Beauty arsenal for the festival season

Ah festival season, bring on the memes about English vs American alternatives, constant talk of rain and probably not taking a shower for two days. I have to admit i’m not going to a festival this year, (unless it involves fully plumbed tents) but if i was doing the whole experience i wouldn’t be without these beauty essentials…

festival essentials beauty what to bring to a festival 2017 institut esthederm

Dry shampoo:

I wanted to put this first, it’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of festivals isn’t it? Dry shampoo has come a long way from the original idea of wacking baby powder in your roots, but some still leave a white residue and leave your hair smelling unclean. Even if your hair is unclean you don’t want it to smell like it. Like my ever growing collection of So…? fragrances the dry shampoo collection smells amazing, so you get that clean feeling without that weird dry shampoo scent.  

festival essentials beauty what to bring to a festival 2017 institut esthederm


It’s no secret that i’ve got an extensive skincare routine but even i know you need to pair it down when it comes to festivals. I’m not sure how i’d amend my routine (i’d probably eliminate one product let’s be honest), but there are a few i’d definitely incorporate into it, to try and scale it down. 

Bioderma would be my #1 time saving skincare essential, although on a day to day basis i use Garnier micellar water, at a festival you want to use as little product as possible and this gets makeup removal and cleansing done in the best and quickest way possible. There is now no excuse not to take your makeup off, ever.. Festival or no festival.

You can never skip SPF but it’s especially important when you’re being exposed to light outside for a long period of time; at a festival you want to use the most minimal amount of skincare so the Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair is perfect, it combines your moisturiser and your sun protection. This has the most amazing skincare benefits covering anti ageing, perfecting a natural tan and improving firmness and tone, while also having all of the cellular and DNA protection of an SPF. Bonus points because this has amazing skincare benefits you can use this as your night cream too – hello 3 in 1.

You can never forget hydration elsewhere so a small lip balm and handbag sized hand cream would also have to come along with me, these two are from Decléor and are my current faves.


festival essentials beauty what to bring to a festival 2017 institut esthederm

Carrying on from the moisturiser SPF i spoke about above, institut esthederm have some other seriously revolutionary suncare which all combine multiple products into one. If i was heading to a festival this summer Adaptasun would definitely be in my bag. Not only does it protect you from a range of sun exposures, it’ll help your tan develop and optimise your skin for the best possible tan. I’d also pack one of these little minis of the Micellar after sun shower gel, after you’ve been applying suncare products all day you need to use a shower gel that has the power to remove them. So if you do get a chance to bag a festival shower, you might as well use a product that’ll not only remove the mud but will care for your skin after sun exposure as well.


festival essentials beauty what to bring to a festival 2017

Expensive glass bottles of perfume are not ideal when it comes to throwing your stuff into a backpack, when it comes to travelling and festivals the So…? body sprays are perfect. These come in 100ml plastic bottles and the tiniest amount goes along way, from the whole collection i’d chose white petals, floriental or sparkling tea for a festival. They’re the perfect mix of sweet yet fresh, and a fresh scent is what you need when you’re.. not so fresh. White petals is one i received recently and it’s become my favourite from the collection, it really is a beautiful scent, read my full review here

It’s probably better that i’m not going to a festival .. i’d probably have to buy two tickets, one for me and one for my bag ..

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