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I tried false lashes for the first time

I tried false lashes for the first time

Yes i know, i’m late to the party.. i mean what blogger hasn’t worn falsies at least once? Me, up until last week.

Trying false fake lashes for the first time kiss lash couture faux mink lashes

I feel like false lashes used to have a really bad rep; they were heavy, thick, “plasticy” and just didn’t look that great, i was put off to say the least. In recent years however, falsies have become the finishing point of almost every makeup tutorial and graced the eyes of many a blogger friend, so i decided to give them a go. I marched off to my local superdrug to pick up the infamous Ardell Demi Wispies. 

I ended up picking up two paris of Ardell Lashes, the Demi wispies like i planned and also the Baby wispies – because i was pretty scared that the Demi wispies were going to be too much so i wanted a back up just in case. 

I held my breath, waved each eyelash on the end of a tweezer and with the words of every youtuber i’ve ever come across going through my mind, i applied my first ever eyelash. To my surprise, i hadn’t stuck my eye together and i didn’t look like i had just sashayed away from RuPaul. I loved it, i knew from that moment i was a changed woman and you would never see me on an evening out without these bad boys ever again, even my mum looked at me and said she wanted to try them.

Trying false fake lashes for the first time ardell demi wispies review

Like i said earlier i picked up two sets of lashes, the Ardell Demi Wispies and the Ardell Baby wispies. Originally i thought the baby wispies would be the best for me, because i didn’t want to look too dramatic but i actually found them incredibly natural; the baby wispies were basically the same as my lashes with mascara on so i have to admit they didn’t make much of a difference to my eyes. I feel like these would be great for people with very short eyelashes, who still wanted a natural look without looking like they’re wearing lashes at all. 

The Demi wispies are much more noticeable, they give a really fanned out effect and have that signature fluttery look. Although i really like these i feel like they are slightly too long for me, so i’m now searching for a happy medium between the two but i can really see why these are a cult favourite.

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Disclaimer: The picture at the top contains PR samples but the products i’ve written about were bought with my own money, i thought i better just put that in anyway because ya know.. also this contains affiliate links. 

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