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A UFO flew in and took away my acne

A UFO flew in and took away my acne

Well ..kinda .. i mean not completely but it is pretty damn good. 

Sunday Riley UFO oil review

About three years ago i watched in awe, while Caroline Hirons talked about the wonder that is Sunday Riley skincare. At the time i had no clue about skincare, i would remove my makeup (just) and that was it – far from the routine and product obsessed skincare junkie i am now. 

I remember at the time clicking the link to the products and thinking i would never be able to afford a product from their line; three years later i was still lusting over the products, tweeting about how it was my life goal (well one of them) to own a Sunday Riley product. That was when Sunday Riley tweeted me offering to send me a bottle of new UFO oil. You might not get it but skincare is my thing, this to me isn’t just a product, it’s something i’ve wanted for years so you can imagine my ridiculous level of excitement. 

Sunday Riley UFO oil review

On first application i have to admit the smell hits you, it’s strong but the effects are worth it and as Sunday Riley says skincare shouldn’t smell good. Also this is a deep green colour so when you first apply this it does seem you’re applying the weirdest smelling, strangely coloured thing in the world but i quickly got over it. 

The bottle comes with a dropper so you can distribute the exact amount of product you need without any wastage. I’m trying to use this sparingly so somehow my bottle will last forever, but i still use exactly three drops which is more than enough to cover my face, without over using it or not using enough. Like any other facial oil i apply this at night after cleansing and toning; instead of just rubbing it in like i would with a moisturiser i really pat it in with my finger tips, i feel like this allows the oil to sink into the skin rather than sitting on top and not getting the full benefits. I always finish off with a light coating of my Kiehl’s ultra facial cream, UFO is a dry oil so it isn’t super oily and doesn’t feel heavy when paired with a good moisturiser. 

Sunday Riley UFO oil review

I’ve only been using this now for about two weeks now, but it’s made the biggest difference to my skin out of any product i have ever tried. UFO is specifically for oily to acne prone skin so unlike other oils this won’t just help with over all skin quality, this will actually help with my blemishes which are my biggest skin issue. Everything about my skin just feels better, it’s almost hard to describe how good the effects are but my blemishes are drastically reduced, my skin feels hydrated but balanced and my redness actually appears reduced.

This even has 1.5% salicylic acid, so it’s counted as a topical medicated treatment rather than just a skincare product and uses BHAs as an exfoliator, because they are less irritating for those with acne rather than the usual AHAs. 

I’m so impressed with my first ever Sunday Riley product, my skin is noticeably clearer and brighter, my blemishes are really reduced and my makeup goes on smoother. The only issue i have now is that I’m going to have to expand my collection (and that’s a pretty good issue to have).. 

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Have you ever tried a Sunday Riley product? Or are you just lusting over them like i was? – Maria x



Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. 

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