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The Ideal World bloggers box

The Ideal World bloggers box

Shopping channels aren’t the same as they used to be, to many peoples surprise (including mine) they now stock some of the most popular brands especially when it comes to beauty; Ideal World have put together a bloggers box to showcase some of the amazing products they have on offer, even with exclusives from brands like Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder .. here are my thoughts.. 

ideal world bloggers box beauty product review

I was excited to see a really good mix of beauty, makeup and skincare products – some from brands i knew and some i had never heard of, with my constant quest for clear skin this Crystal Clear 10 minute glow mask caught my eye immediately. The tube comes in a really lovely smooth touch box, the packaging feels high end and the design is really simplistic; I’m a sucker for good packaging so i already had really high hopes for this. 

On first application the texture of this is sticky and thick (but don’t let that put you off) this is a peel off mask so it has to have that slightly gloopy texture to be able to peel off after it has dried. Within 10 minutes the mask was completely dry, and while it was dry it wasn’t uncomfortable, my skin had a completely even layer of mask which no longer felt thick – it actually felt quite thin once completely dry. It took a couple of seconds to find a bit that would pull up to peel off, but once i managed to grab onto a corner it was fairly easy to peel off pretty much in one go. I’ve been suffering a lot with my skin recently and i definitely noticed a difference when i used this, particularly the morning after. Although immediately after peeling off a mask your skin is redder than usual, after it had calmed down i noticed my skin overall was brighter and more even. Peel off masks are some of my favourites, so i will definitely be adding this to my weekly routine. 

ideal world bloggers box beauty product review crystal clear peel off mask

Whenever lipsticks are involved I’m always excited, so it was lovely to see a few lip products included in the box as well. To my surprise i opened one rather high end looking lipstick to find out that it was actually a balm! Never before did i think i wanted a lip balm that looked like a fancy lipstick, but now i’ve got it i love it. I love packaging so anything that slightly glamorises an everyday product gets my vote and thats exactly what this Elizabeth Grant moisturise stick does. These aren’t too thick of a consistency so it means they provide a great base for other lip products, without making it feel like you’ve got too much product on your lips. 

The other lipstick was also a little bit different from a traditional lipstick, in that it has an outer balm coating made up of Argan and rose hip oil with creamy lipstick inside, i’ve seen these before from other brands – they’re like a lipstick balm hybrid so they’re simultaneously pigmented yet hydrating. This Skin plasma fusion nourishing lipstick will be perfect for summer, lipstick is the one thing that can go seriously wrong in warmer months, i always find matte lipsticks take a back seat and more hydrating formulas take over, so this will fit the bill. 

ideal world bloggers box beauty product review elizabeth grant moisture stick lipstick

Keeping with the theme of lip products the last included was this “Beautiful Colours” gloss by Elizabeth grant, this is the perfect colour for me – a pink that isn’t too deep but isn’t too light either. I’d wear this by itself if i was going for a light natural look or on the top of a pink liquid lipstick if i wanted to add some shine and moisture, kind of like a lip topper! 

ideal world bloggers box beauty product review elizabeth grant beautiful colours lip gloss

When i opened the box and saw a product from my favourite brand, i have to admit i got slightly over excited. I bang on about it enough but if i had to reduce my entire beauty regime down to one brand it would be Estee Lauder, i was extra excited when i realised this was a gel liner, a product i hadn’t tried from any brand let alone my favourite! This is Estee lauder so it comes as no surprise this is creamy, pigmented and oh so luxurious. I comes with a little brush to apply with which i didn’t think i’d be able to create a wing with but i managed it; i like to use this when I’m just doing a very soft line on my lash line rather than anything dramatic and because it’s from my favourite double wear range it doesn’t move until you take it off. If you want to do a wing on the daily with this, i’d probably pick up an angled brush to work alongside the liner, but like i said I’m using this for a soft line along the lash line so the little brush works well for a simple look like that. 

I had no idea you could get brands like this at Ideal world and most of the time they’re actually cheaper than getting them at regular counters, this gel liner comes in a pack of two which i don’t believe you can get anywhere else!

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ideal world bloggers box beauty product review estee lauder double wear gel eyeliner

Immediately i noticed the box contained a Wet Brush, i had heard of these before and like it says on the front of the box these are the #1 brush in America so i really wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I have such thick, long, quite curly hair so brushing it is always a nightmare that usually ends with tears running down my face.. but not anymore! The bristles on this are really soft and means it can detangle my hair without tugging or causing breakages and i’ve found the time it takes to brush my hair is almost cut in half now. Again these come in a pack of two meaning they’re available cheaper than anywhere else i’ve seen them, my old brush is well and truly retired. 

ideal world bloggers box beauty product review wet brush proThe last product from the box was this Elizabeth Grant graceful angel bath and shower gel; I’m a bath lover so I’m always excited to get lovely smelling products to add under the running tap and this smells gorgeous. The scent is hard to describe but it’s definitely sweet, soft and floral; i think it works perfectly along side the pink packaging because instantly you think of pink cotton candy. This creates lovely bubbles or also works as a regular shower gel, either way to leave your skin soft and sweet smelling. 

ideal world bloggers box beauty product review Elizabeth grant graceful angel shower gel

I was pleasantly surprised to see all the different products available, from some of my favourite brands to ones i’m completely new to. It’s something i never considered before but it’s worth checking out Ideal World before making a beauty purchase to see if they could save you some of your cash! – Maria x



Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. 

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