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Seriously lazy with body care : My essentials

Seriously lazy with body care : My essentials

Like the title suggests i’m seriously lazy with body care, while i’ll spend half an hour doing face masks and a complicated cleansing routine, when it comes to body care i want my routine to be as minimal as possible. These are the products i’ve added to my routine to get the best results in the fastest possible time.


sarah chapman skinesis overnight body serum review

Okay i promise the rest of the products are nowhere near as high end as this, but i’ll make an exception for Sarah Chapman products. I got given this Sarah Chapman overnight body serum at a Farfetch event a few months ago but i haven’t had a chance to get using it until recent weeks; i don’t know why i didn’t immediately rip it open and throw my more economical body moisturiser in the bin but i’m not one for wasting product so it patiently waited it’s turn in the line up. 

This is pure luxury, having never experienced high end body care before i didn’t know what to expect, but this is a serious user experience. This is almost an oil consistency but not greasy at all, when i pumped this out i thought this was going to be one of those products that sits on the top of your skin but with in seconds it had sunk in. I have to admit I’m not too keen on the smell, (it’s growing on me) but the way it makes your skin feel completely makes up for it. I apply this after i get out of the bath or shower and leave it on overnight, i also find applying this before fake tan works really well, my skin is just so smooth and hydrated it forms a really good base. 

coconut oil uses blogger review vegan body care

On the complete opposite end of the scale we have a good old jar of coconut oil, this is the most multi use product in the universe – cook with it, cleanse with it, moisturise with it. I used to put coconut oil on my face but then i realised it had quite a high comedogenic level so i’ve stopped using it on my face and started using it in my body care routine. Lets face it, shaving gel is expensive and I’m not wasting my conditioner on my legs so when i realised you could use this while shaving my life changed. I cover my self in this before i shave, it really reduces irritation and doesn’t dry your skin out. Also this is so readily available and affordable so it means I’m not desperately trying to spare this, but strangely this jar is still half full and i’ve had it since December! Coconut oil is a lazy and cheap persons dream, or as i like to call it “time saving and economical”. 


Sunkissed tan body primer review

Exfoliation used to be the part of my body care routine that really lacked in effort, but in recent months i’ve gotten more into self tan so now exfoliation is a must. Depending on how much exfoliation i need i’ll use two different products, the first being the Sunkissed body primer and the second being the Skinny Tan pre tan primer. The Sunkissed exfoliator is perfect for people who like a gentle exfoliation, the bits inside are small but the real exfoliation comes from the natural fruit AHAs which when the product is left on for a few minutes, will work as a natural exfoliant to reveal smooth skin underneath. This is the exfoliator i reach for when i’ve been exfoliating regularly and don’t have too much dry skin to get rid of, it’s coconut scented too so it’s lovely to use. 

I always reach for the skinny tan pre tan primer when i need slightly more exfoliation, the bits inside the exfoliator are bigger than in the Sunkissed so this is definitely more of a physical exfoliator. This reveals such smooth glowing skin ready for moisturiser or fake tan, it’s almost like skin you see on tv adverts that you just can’t believe is real – and my fake tan always goes on incredibly smoothly after i use this, it make such a huge difference!

skinny tan pre tan primer review

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