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Makeup free from animal testing : My picks

Makeup free from animal testing : My picks

Cruelty free beauty isn’t what it used to be, although the market is far from perfect, getting your hands on makeup free from animal testing is no longer too difficult. What can be difficult is finding a brand to fit within your budget, here are my favourite brands and products across three price ranges. 

Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 kiko too faced urban decay hourglass cosmetics

Drugstore / seriously affordable:

One of my favourite drugstore brands is NYX, which also happens to be cruelty free. They’re probably most well known for their endless array of lip products (of which i have quite a collection, especially the soft matte lip creams) but all of their products are varied and forward thinking. You might pay a pound or two more for a NYX product over a similar one from another brand, but the quality is usually miles ahead, they’ll have way more colour choice and they’ll probably have products related to the latest makeup trend first. 

America has a way bigger selection when it comes to cruelty free drugstore brands, however it’s recently been announced that Superdrug are going to be stocking E.l.f, but if you can’t wait that long other brands include Makeup Revolution, Gosh cosmetics and Eco tools for brushes, amongst others. 

{Source – NYX}

Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 kiko too faced urban decay hourglass cosmetics nyx

When i first went into Kiko i thought my friend had bought me into an exclusive stand alone boutique, that was until i looked at the prices. Kiko products can cost sometimes even less than drugstore products with mascaras being around the £7 mark, but the products would usually fit in a bracket just over drugstore prices. The few extra pounds you pay for a Kiko product make all the difference, they feel so high end – from the packaging, the quality of the products, to the experience of actually shopping in a makeup store dedicated to a brand rather than at a stand alone counter. 

I feel like these Kiko products are the perfect example of being able to get high quality, varied, cruelty free makeup without making any sacrifices. These products from the less is better collection* are such natural tones but still packed with pigment, just like their other ranges; usually i stray from cream products because i find they break up product underneath but these preformed perfectly – cruelty free and no compromise. 

{Source – Kiko}

Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 kiko less is better collection too faced urban decay hourglass cosmetics

Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 kiko swatches less is better collection liquid highlighter eyeshadow stick pigment


Too faced has been one of my favourite brands for a long time now, (somehow i still haven’t gotten round to buying an eyeshadow palette but never the less) the milk chocolate soleil bronzer is a staple in my daily makeup routine and the melted liquified lipsticks remain one of my favourite formulas. Based on what i own in my collection, in my opinion, too faced is one of the most consistent brands when it comes to producing high quality products every time. Too faced is one of those brands that just seems too good to be true, because often the biggest brands aren’t cruelty free; but with Innovative formulas, (you’ve smelt their products right?), high quality finishes and that packaging. It’s an all round cruelty free winner.

Urban Decay is another brand i would’ve never assumed was cruelty free, simply because of how big a name it is and is another example of cruelty free beauty becoming more and more accessible. Obviously urban decay are famous for their eyeshadow palettes but my favourite products include the cult primer potion and naked skin concealer. 
{Source – Toofaced, Urban Decay}

Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 kiko too faced urban decay hourglass cosmetics too faced melted lipstick

One of my 2016 beauty discoveries was Zoeva, i use their palettes everyday and the fact they are so affordable makes the use of them even sweeter. I’d still call Zoeva midrange because a palette like the one below sets you back £18, but in todays makeup climate where we’re paying £60 for palettes, i’d call that pretty good damn value. I’m yet to try other products from Zoeva, so the powder palettes have to go down as my pick from this brand free from animal testing. 

{Source – Zoeva}

Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 kiko too faced urban decay hourglass cosmetics

High end: 

Tarte is a brand i wish was more readily available in the UK, not only are they free from animal testing they also have a huge percentage of Vegan products within their lines. It’s another brand that i constantly hear good things about; consistency and quality is key but the brand still has a really fun and quirky vibe which can really be seen though their packaging. 

Tarte is like the makeup equivalent of mermaids and unicorns, best known for their palettes and vegan friendly shape tape concealer. Although a product from Tarte when bunched together with shipping costs will be slightly pricer than others, they’re packed with natural ingredients and stick to a good ethos – so if thats you’re thing it’ll be perfect for you. 

{Source – Tarte}

Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 kiko too faced urban decay hourglass cosmetics tarte  in bloom 2 palette swatches

Hourglass came to my attention with the rise in popularity of their ambient lighting powders, it’s what i call a classic high end brand – the products are pure luxury, from the packaging, the formulas and ..the price tag. There is no doubt that hourglass is pricey (thats also why i only own one hourglass product) but there’s also no doubt you won’t the disappointed. The one product i own from hourglass is an Ambient strobe lighting powder, but I’m desperate to get my hands on one of their beautiful blushers too, if my bank balance lets me. 

{Source – Hourglass cosmetics}

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Cruelty free makeup brands 2017 hourglass cosmetics ambient strobe lighting powder

Hopefully you found some cruelty free cosmetic inspiration for within your price tag! I’ve linked the source to either the companies page on the PETA website or the brand’s own animal testing policy where relevant, if you want to look into it yourself. 

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What’s your favourite cruelty free brand? – Maria x




It’s important to point out that both NYX and Urban decay are owned by L’Oréal and Too faced are owned by Estee Lauder, however all brands mentioned have made statements saying despite their parent companies, they will not sell in China and will in keep with the brands commitment against animal testing. {Source – PETA statement on the companies} The same goes for Tarte, here’s the PETA info on them too. 

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