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Face masks you need to try

Face masks you need to try

Nothing makes me feel more like i’ve got my life together than doing a face mask, there’s just something about feeling like you’re going the extra step with your skincare that really makes you feel good about yourself – whether that’s the results of the mask or just a placebo effect. These 5 mask brands aren’t just a placebo effect however, they’re my 5 favourites that i reach for when my skin is looking for some help. 

face masks sheet masks dr jart tonymoly quick fix facials aztec secret indian healing clay crystal clear peel off mask review

It’s important to point out that masks are quite dependant on the person using them, so something that works for me might not work for you, but it’s worth a try right? Okay, on with the show..

I have a love hate relationship with sheet masks, i hate the whole concept of having something stuck on your face that literally makes you immobile for 20 minutes, but i love the effect they have on my skin so i get over it for that reason. My favourite sheet masks are by Dr Jart, i got these in Sephora while in New York and fell in love when i got back home and started using them. My favourite Dr Jart masks are the ones based around hydration, they leave my face so soft and soothed and are drenched in serum – they’ll sort out the driest of skins. 

Dr Jart masks can be quite pricey in the UK, although i found these in TK Maxx for £4.99 elsewhere they’re much more expensive; if you’re on a budget you can also get these TonyMoly masks from TK Maxx at £1.99 each, which will give you a slice of Korean skincare on an affordable basis. 

face masks sheet masks dr jart tonymoly quick fix facials aztec secret indian healing clay crystal clear peel off mask review

If sheet masks aren’t your thing and you fancy some peeling action, look no further than the crystal clear “10 minute glow” peel off mask. I love a peel off mask when i want some serious exfoliation and this leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean and more even. I used to think peel off masks being drying was an inevitable fact, but this is so comfortable to wear and it means i don’t have to make the sacrifice of being left with dry skin after using it. 

The most traditional masks i use are the quick fix facials masks, they come in a tube so you can get multiple uses out of one and they’re super affordable to begin with. The one in the picture is the overnight glow boost but my favourite is the anti-blemish mud mask, i always notice a reduction in blemishes when i use this and while it’s powerful it isn’t harsh or drying. These are seriously budget friendly, although they say you get 10 x masks out of a tube it usually lasts me around 3 months using them every week or so, so you really get your moneys worth. 

face masks sheet masks dr jart tonymoly quick fix facials aztec secret indian healing clay crystal clear peel off mask review

The last mask I’m going to talk about is probably the most unconventional formula but one of the most powerful and affordable masks there is. The aztec secret Indian healing clay mask is 100% powder clay that you mix with water and or apple cider vinegar, which you then leave on your skin and rinse off. 

This is like a normal mask in that it completely dries down but when i say it dries down it really dries down, you can feel your face pulsating with this on, which I’m not sure is a good thing or not but it’s something right? This definitely won’t be for everyone, it’s super powerful and i can imagine a lot of people would find it drying but it works for me when i want a seriously deep clean. Be warned, this will leave your face quite red for a while after using it, it’s not one i’d use before an important event but its useful every few weeks before bed to keep my skin in check. 

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