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So…? Summer mist haves

So…? Summer mist haves

If you read my perfume collection post you’ll know i’m obsessed with smelling good, but heavy, expensive perfumes aren’t always best when it comes to the warmer months. So…? have just brought out their new body mists* and immediately when i first saw these i knew they were going to be perfect for summer. 

so...? summer fragrances body mists perfumes review

I have three of the body mists from the collection: Fresh musk, Pink grapefruit and Vanilla milkshake. If i’m honest they couldn’t have sent me more perfect scents; grapefruit and vanilla are two of my favourite all time scents and i love a musk for a slightly more sophisticated option. 

Out of the three i’d have to pick Vanilla milkshake as my favourite, i’m a sucker for a sweet warm scent and really can you get anything better than smelling like a vanilla milk shake?? I don’t think so.

All three are packed with scent, these aren’t like other body mists which barely smell of anything, they really pack a punch without being over baring. If you’ve ever used a Victoria secret body mist these have a similar lasting power but for a fraction of the price, they last really well for a few hours and are super easy to spritz on and top up when needed. 

so...? summer mist haves fragrances review body mists perfumes so

Usually when i go away in the summer i travel with hand luggage and you know what that means? Liquid restrictions. The limits usually mean i have to leave perfume at home and i spend my whole holiday smelling like suncream and deodorant .. which isn’t your classic blogger on holiday vibe.. 

I realised when i saw these that they will be perfect to take away in the summer, they’re 100ml so it means i can travel with them and they’re plastic so i don’t run the risk of them smashing and causing trouble in my suitcase! 

Even on a day to day basis they’re incredibly handbag friendly, i hate carrying around glass bottles because they add to the weight of my ever growing handbag but these won’t give me that problem. 

I can see myself keeping one of these permanently in my makeup bag within my handbag, probably pink grapefruit in summer days and fresh musk in the evenings, it’s always handy to know you have a nice scent ready if you need one out and about.

so...? body mists summer mists haves fragrances perfumes review

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I’m feeling increasingly summery now that i’ve got these in my collection, you can pick up a scent from either boots or superdrug! Have you got a summer must have? – Maria x

*products have been sent to me for reviewing purposes, all opinions are my own, This post contains affiliate links. 

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