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Should we celebrate numbers in the blogging world?

Should we celebrate numbers in the blogging world?

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Numbers in the blogging world has become increasingly relevant to me in recent weeks, it seems to be popping up everywhere within tweets and in blogger chat discussions and it got me thinking. It actually got me thinking in the bath, but that’s not relevant, other than wanting to add in that i think of most of my blog post ideas submerged in water. 

Recently i started to see multiple tweets bashing or poking fun at people for celebrating numerical achievements; be it reaching a certain number of followers or a new blog post getting a higher number of views than normal. All of the tweets implied or stated that the people who were writing about these achievements only cared about numbers, and i just don’t think that’s the case. 

It made me think about my own achievements, times when i have noticed a blog post doing particularly well and have tweeted thanking people for positive feedback. Or when i reach a new follower number and i tweet a stupid gif expressing my disbelief that x amount of people now follow me. Does this mean i, and the other people who do it only care about numbers? Far from it. 

It means we’re proud of our achievements, it means a post i spent two days writing and photographing, created purely through a love of blogging has gotten recognition and a positive response from readers. If i tweet about a post of mine doing well within it’s first day of being published, that doesn’t mean i wrote it with the intention of getting page views or that I’m bragging, it means i wrote it because i bloody wrote it and it also happens to be getting a good response. 

Writing a blog post and then celebrating it’s achievements, is not the same thing as only having a blog to get followers, freebies or for a sense of achievement. 

When ever i see someone tweet that they’ve just hit 100, 1000 or 10 million followers (you get my drift) I always congratulate them, i think anyone who does otherwise or believes they shouldn’t be celebrating their achievements are jealous. After all there’s a reason someone left a nice comment on your blog post or that you’ve just hit a new milestone; you should be proud that something you spent time on has been enjoyed by someone else, whether that be 3 people or 3,000. 

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On the flip side of things, i don’t want people to think that I’m ignorant to the fact that there are people out there who do blog for the wrong reasons. I’m well aware that there are people buying followers and doing giveaways left right and centre to increase their following. I’ve covered buying followers and Instagram tactics in the past so i won’t go into that now, because if i did we all know i’d be here forever, but with this post i want to stress the importance of building each other up instead of tearing each other down. When we do have people within the blogging community buying followers and engagement, shouldn’t we be encouraging people to be proud of their efforts when those efforts are actually genuine?  

Of course it would be wrong for someone to celebrate hitting a milestone if they paid to get there, or if they do it in a way where they’re insinuating it somehow makes them better than others. I think we all need a kick up the backside and a reminder that the latter aren’t the majority. The next time you see someone celebrating an achievement, whether they’ve reached 100 views or 10,000, congratulate them. Other bloggers aren’t your competition, when they genuinely work hard on their blog they’re just like you, no matter how many Instagram followers they have.

– Maria x


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  • I totally agree, I always congratulate people when they post that they've reached a milestone – we should be happy for other people's successes and if gaining a certain number of genuine followers makes people happy then I'm happy for them x


  • I'm so happy to congratulate anyone who hits milestones, but for some reason, I can't congratulate myself on these milestones. For instance, I was worried people would think I was all about the numbers if I posted my excitement for hitting 10k followers on Instagram. Then, I beat myself up about it, thinking my organic 10k wasn't so much of an achievement when people so often buy their way up to 10k nowadays. It's a double-edged sword, I guess! Great post, I do think we should be able to celebrate others and celebrate ourselves.

    Jenn │ Beauty by Jellybean

    • Aw noo you should be so proud of 10K on instagram that is an incredible amount especially when there are people who buy their way there you should be immensely proud that you didn't do that, it makes it even more special! I understand what you mean though, sometimes it easier to be happy for others but take the time out to congratulate yourself, you earned it! x

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating the number of followers you have. It's an incredible achievement and I get exciting when I hit new milestones. I don't think anyone should focus too much on how many followers they have, but celebrating that number is perfectly fine!

    xo, Liz

  • We totally agree with you here. We think it's lovely when people can share milestones and achievements and have others support them and lift them up. It's always an awesome feeling to see that your blog is reaching more people, especially like you said, when you feel you work so hard on a post and just want more people to see it. We are always just conscious of finding a balance between watching the numbers and then ignoring the numbers, just because we want to remember to enjoy what we are doing and not get down or upset if something didn't do as good as we hoped. We then have to remember that we enjoyed writing it, if that makes sense? :p

    • Yeah i completely get what you're saying, i think it's all about remembering when you're writing for your blog that you're doing it for a love of blogging not to achieve a certain number of views or anything! x

  • I think it's important to congratulate people on reaching milestones, even though numbers aren't the be all or end all, it's still a great feeling when you reach a personal goal. Especially as I personally see my blog as my child and when it reaches a new a achievement I feel like a proud parent.
    Alicia x

  • I think people can celebrate what ever they want – even numbers on social media. However, I think it's very wrong to even imply that if some other person doesn't have such numbers, they're less worthy or something like that. Also, doing social media and blogging only for numbers isn't necessarily wrong, but it's tiring and unnecessary.

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

  • I totally agree with this post, I'm like you and therefore the second I see someone doing well for all the right reasons I'll be sure to congratulate them no matter the number, if we can celebrate ourselves as bloggers what the hell is the point? Although I've not had thousands of views or massive interest, we blog because we bloody well love it. I recently wrote a blog called "A letter to teenaged me" I did this because I realised in the past 9 years how much I've achieved and grown as a person, I decided to share both the good and the bad because that's really life! You can check my blog out at http://www.thatbridgegirl.come – but thank you for this post, it's honestly truthful and I loved it x

    • aw thank you so much for reading, yeah i get what you mean its lovely to see when a lot of people like a post but ultimately its more important that you love what you're creating! x

  • I applaud you! I too think we should celebrate the numbers, any numbers and I'm always happy to see when others succeed. Like you said there are some that aren't honest about how they achieved it , but it's just a few and the greater crowed actually worked for it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts !!
    Lea, xx

  • I think its important to celebrate numbers as a blogger, and to support other bloggers who hit milestones – they're big/great achievements! Plus, usually most bloggers have worked hard to get there so its all deserved. Great post, I totally agree!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Thank you! Yeah i think we get so bogged down in the fact that people buy their followers but really they aren't the majority most people work really hard on their blogs and deserve to be recognised for it! x

  • This is a really good post, very well written. I love to celebrate hitting a milestone and I really like to congratulate fellow bloggers when they hit their milestones, I just think it's a really nice way to recognise how well you're doing.

    Alice // alicemaysnell

    • Thank you so much that really means a lot! Yeah i think why not celebrate, after all there's a reason you've reached that far, usually it's as a result of a lot of hard work! x

  • Love this! I do always look at my numbers I don't know why but I just find myself doing it – it's just nice to know that people are engaging with you and your content. Also I think if we didn't celebrate numbers then the blogging community wouldn't be what it is – we wouldn't know if people liked or read our content and would most likely leave us feeling disheartened.
    Lydia x

    • Exactly, although they aren't the be all and end all they still are important and a good measure of how well one post is doing compared to your other posts, it helps you learn what type of content people want to read and where your audiences' interests are! x

  • I agree with you, I'll always congratulate other bloggers on reaching their goal in Terms of followers, also if they are saying they only need a couple more to reach x number I will go follow them, some would unfollow out of spite. Shame there are people like that in the blogging world. We should build each other up. I always say this but there's room for all of us! 😘

    • Thank you! I think it's really important to be supportive in the community and recognise when someone has achieved. There definitely is room for everyone, except those people who follow then unfollow ahah! x

  • Very good points, Maria. Sometimes, yeah, it's hard to tell if someone paid their way to get there – but really, the only one who's really going to know that is the person who did it. Who are we to judge anyone in any case. I believe that there's always more than one side to a story, and we really only know the side we see or hear. While something might look like this, it could be something else entirely. The thing is, we just don't know. Really, this issue comes from comparing ourselves to others, which we shouldn't do. We should focus on our goals, and do what we need to get there. Never mind what anyone else is doing, because that isn't going to help us get to where we need to be. That's a huge lesson I've learned this year.

    Ashlynn, The Crimson Cardigan

  • I completely agree! My blog still has a small following and every time I reach a milestone I feel so proud that my hard work is being recognised and I think that is something to be proud of. I think it only becomes an issue when people only blog for the followers and not the love of blogging, and that some people forget you can have an amazing blogs which doesn't yet have a big following! Great post, Chloe x

  • This post is literally everything I've been thinking for a while now! I'm always really excited when I reach a numerical milestone and so when I see people saying that "it's all we care about" it's kind of annoying. Couldn't have agreed more!

  • Yes! Thank you for sharing this – it sums up how I have been feeling as of late too! It's almost become taboo to celebrate within the blogging community… but when someone works hard and genuinely reaches one of those milestones, shouldn't we celebrate with them? I know I will be!

    Britt |

  • I definitely think that it's great to reward yourself and appreciate how far you have come and thank the people that have supported your blog!
    I am loving your posts recently Maria, definitely my favourite blog to read at the moment so thank you! 😀

    Zoe |

  • Celebrating this post, and it's lovely you're a fellow blogger who does well & always converses! I love my blog & work hard (chronic pain allowing), and find some fellow bloggers fab. I'm all for celebrating each other..when they do the same. I do find it sad when some think they're too 'big' to reply..even when comments and tweets are left/sent & they never speak. So good to hear you don't think it's just a numbers game, it can be quite deflating. I'm happy with the way I write and just hope to continue to satisfy my fab readers.
    Thanks for this x

    • Aw thank you so much for your lovely comment Heidi, your blog is fantastic and you should definitely be proud to reach a milestone! Those of us who are genuine in the industry all need to celebrate each other, thats all that matters! x

  • Really great post Maria! You're so right, it's important to celebrate and congratulate others when those milestones are reached. I know sometimes blogging can feel like sending your writing into the abyss, so when you get positive feedback or a discussion sparked by a post you've put so many hours into it's a lovely reward.
    Michelle @ The Unfinished Bookshelf

    • Thank you so much! Yeah thats exactly how i felt when i first started out i was like is anyone actually reading this?? it's nice to have the reassurance that they are! x

  • As a newbie blogger I have far too many times experienced people who do the follow/unfollow thing and it is wrong. Also celebrate the great times and help people it takes 5 minutes to congratulate and just leave a nice comment. By the way I do love this blog and found it in the blogosphere mag and I so glad I have as I have seen a great insight to a very informative and helpful blog.

    • I know what you mean, that’s the one thing about Instagram that gets on my nerves – the follow /unfollowing! You’re right, it’s so worth realising how nice it is when someone leaves you a comment and celebrating small victories as you go! and i’m so happy you’re enjoying it after finding it in the magazine, that’s so lovely to hear! x

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