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PMD personal microderm review

PMD personal microderm review

As someone who has had acne scars for years now microdermabrasion was something i always wanted to try out, but as it’s a pricey process it was never really a reality for me. So you can imagine how excited i was when PMD asked if i wanted to try out their personal microderm*, i’ve been using this now for over a month so i think its a good time to talk through my thoughts so far. 

PMD personal microderm microdermabrasion at home review

How does it work? 

To give you a bit of background incase you’re wondering “Maria what the hell is that?”, the personal microderm is a hand held at home microdermabrasion system. It basically means that you can achieve the same results as in office microdermabrasion without having to pay hundreds for a few sessions and without having to go down to a skin clinic for your treatments. 

I see the personal microderm as a tiny hoover – bare with me – it works through suction to exfoliate the skin and get rid of the layer of dead skin cells that, if not removed, are sitting on top of your skin waiting to cause you problems. 

This is really powerful exfoliation, essentially renewing the top layer of your skin but without being being problematic like harsh scrubs which only make oily and acne prone skin worse. 

PMD personal microdermabrasion at home microdermabrasion review

My results?

I have to admit i’ve never been someone who’s really into electrical beauty, i was always skeptical that i wouldn’t be able to actually use the product or that an electrical device would make any difference to my skin. However, after using this for the past month i’ve been converted. 

I have been using this once a week for a month now and i can honestly say i started seeing a difference in my skin after the first use. It doesn’t claim to have such rapid results but i think its probably because my routine was so lacking in exfoliation beforehand; there was probably so many dead skin cells on my face before i used this that i couldn’t help but see a difference immediately. 

Like i said earlier i’ve been left with acne marks and scars for years now and i’ve tried so many things to fade them but i can happily say after using the PMD they’re now starting to fade. This has been the only thing i’ve tried (and trust me i’ve tried a lot) which has actually worked to start fading my marks and scars to a noticeable level. 

After using this i notice my skin is so much smoother and much less uneven, i used to be able to feel rough or dry patches but now my face is completely smooth to touch. My complexion is all round brighter and clearer, a couple of weeks ago i went an entire week without getting any new spots which i think is probably a new record for me! 

In terms of helping with my blemishes i think the reason this actually works is because i no longer have the dead skin cells sitting on my face, which if they were there would be working to clog my pores and create blemishes. After all having a mixture of oily skin and dead skin cells is always going to lead to disaster, so now that i can use this weekly to get rid of them means I’m seeing my skin get clearer and clearer. 

I’ve also noticed how much better my products absorb into my skin now that i’ve been regularly using this, because the dead skin cells aren’t in the way the products can fully absorb and work to their optimum level – Which is great really because if you’ve bought a skincare product you want it to work to the best of its ability not to be blocked by your own skin. 

PMD personal microderm microdermabrasion at home review

Extra things to consider: 

  • Before using this you have to watch either the DVD that comes in the box or one of the tutorial videos on their website, its really important to watch these because you wouldn’t have any idea where to start if you didn’t and you could be at risk of scarring your skin if you don’t do this properly. I watched the videos and read the information provided and i had no issues at all; also is important to test it on your arm first, this helps you to get used to the suction power so you’re not startled when you first do it to your face and to make sure your skin won’t have any bad reactions.
  • I like to wash my face and let it dry, use my PMD and then go in with my toner, facial oil and moisturiser to finish. You have to do this on clean skin so its important not to try and do this before you’ve washed your face or after you’ve applied any skincare products. 

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Overall i am amazed at the results i’ve seen from using the PMD for just a month, my skin is clearer, smoother and brighter. I can’t wait to see what my scarring looks like in a few months!

I’m going to keep using my PMD and do an update in a few months time. – Maria x




This blog post contains a product sent to me for review, but is not sponsored and all opinions are my own, this post contains affiliate links. 

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