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Cleansing chronicles : Lancome Gel Eclat

Cleansing chronicles : Lancome Gel Eclat

I’ve now got 4 cleansers on the go, it’s an addiction. Today we’re talking about the latest addition to the line up, the Lancome gel éclat. 

lancome gel eclat cleanser review blog post

If you’ve ever read my skincare routine post you’ll know I’m obsessed with double cleansing; after makeup removal i will always use a second cleanser which also has makeup removing capabilities to clean my skin and make sure that 100% of my makeup is removed, before applying the rest of my skincare products.

Prior to this i had been using the Estee Lauder perfectly clean wash and mask to clean my face after makeup removal, but as much as i love it, it is coming to an end and with my cleanser obsession I’m always looking to try something new. I must admit the Lancome gel éclat isn’t actually new to me, this used to be my daily cleanser years ago (before i even had a blog) but back then i had no knowledge of skincare and had no idea what the difference between a good and not so good cleanser was. So i decided to give this a try again and see what i now think of an old favourite ..

lancome gel eclat cleanser review blog post

The cleanser is described as a pearly foam and i couldn’t think of a better way to describe it, it’s white in colour with a pearlised finish, and the tiniest amount lathers up into a rich foam. Like i said i have a selection of cleansers on the go, but the majority of them are gentle cleansers which i use on days when i haven’t previously been wearing makeup, after using this for a while now i wouldn’t look to this if i wanted a gentle cleanse. 

It’s targeted towards people with oily or combination skin which i would agree with, if you have dry skin this definitely wouldn’t be the cleanser for you. 

Even with oily skin i do find this to be a little bit drying, it’s all okay in the long run when i’ve toned and applied moisturiser but if i were to skip these steps it would leave my skin feeling tight. If you’re someone with oily skin and a love for powerful cleansers then you would probably love this, there’s no doubt that it’s a very thorough cleanser which will leave your skin incredibly clean but if you want a gentle cleanser this would probably be a little bit too harsh. 

lancome gel eclat cleanser review blog post

I do like this cleanser, it does a very good job of thoroughly cleaning my skin after makeup removal and all in all insures there isn’t a trace of makeup left on my face; my love of gentle cleansers means it isn’t one i’d use in the morning, but it is one i’ll be reaching for as part of a double cleanse. 

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