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Are you washing your hair properly?

Are you washing your hair properly?

I’m a firm believer in doing what ever the hell you want when it comes to beauty, this isn’t a “right and wrong way” to wash your hair, it’s just the way i do it. So while I’m not trying to convince you this is the right way, i am hoping it’ll convince you to maybe switch up the most boring aspect of any beauty routine (other than shaving your legs, of course).

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For years i couldn’t understand why only 24 hours after washing my hair, it felt greasy all over again.  It wasn’t thin, limp or fine or any of the other attributes you’d attach to normally greasy hair and after several attempts at googling my issues, i was convinced i had some sort of incurable hair disease, seriously.

This was until i was sitting in the chair at the hairdressers, aged 17, neck firmly pressed into the hair washing bowl when the girl asked “Two shampoos, yeah?”, i felt like i had gone through a shampoo epiphany. I thought back to every time i’d get a wash, cut and blow dry and discuss with my friends the magic shampoo they must use to get my hair to feel like it did; it was in that moment (my shampoo epiphany) that i realised it wasn’t the shampoo they were using, it was how they were using it. 

I had known for years that when i’d go to the hairdressers they would shampoo twice, but for some crazy reason i had never thought of doing it at home – probably because i was under 17 and in previous years you could say, less than enthusiastic about extensive beauty routines. From that point onwards i have shampooed my hair twice every single time i wash it, and i’d never go back. 


  • With risk of stating the obvious, first things first i wet my hair; my hair is really thick so i often found that if i didn’t spend enough time doing an initial rinse, parts of my hair would still be dry so i have to make sure my entire head of hair is saturated. Warm water will also help to open the cuticle too, which aids with washing and getting rid of dirt. 

First shampoo: 

  • Once my hair is completely saturated i do the first shampoo, i use a tiny amount, just spread it across my scalp and rub it in loosely. The initial shampoo is used to get rid of buildup, like product, dirt or dead skin; the shampoo won’t really lather up and i rinse this off straight away. The initial shampoo won’t lather properly because your hair isn’t ready to be fully cleansed yet, this is where people often go wrong if they shampoo once – you may find you don’t get a lather and just apply more and more shampoo which won’t really make much difference. 

Second shampoo: 

  • I rinse off the first shampoo so all of the product and build up is removed, and then using a really small amount of shampoo (somewhere between the size of a 20p and a 2p) i rub it into the top of my scalp and i immediately get a really good lather. I take another small amount of shampoo and go from underneath my hair at the nape of my neck, like i said i have really thick hair so shampooing from the top usually doesn’t reach all the way through my hair. I also bring any shampoo left on my hands down the lengths of my hair, but i don’t use any extra for this. 


  • I rinse the lengths of my hair and gently squeeze out any excess water and apply my conditioner; conditioner works much better on damp hair so if your hair is still really wet when you apply conditioner you won’t see the full benefits.

Final rinse:

  • I always start off rinsing with warm water and gradually turn the water temperature colder and colder, I’m not really sure whether this is like a recommend thing but apparently it helps with shine so.. 

Products i use:

If you’ve never shampooed twice i’d really recommend trying it if you’ve got thick hair like me, i do want to point out that washing twice isn’t always necessary and sometimes once is better, but it completely depends on the person and hair type. If you’ve been struggling with thick hair that you can never seem to get properly clean, double shampooing could be for you! 

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