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Sunday brunch and charity shop style

Sunday brunch and charity shop style

 Theres just something about that traffic cone that makes a lovely photo backdrop, don’t you think? 

Usually i’m not one for a charity shop, i would always hear of people finding these amazing clothes for a fraction of the price but all i ever found was people’s worn out clothes from 2002. My best friend on the other hand loves a charity shop, so while we were in Traid one afternoon i decided to give in and actually have a look at what they had and i was pleasantly surprised. 

Traid seems to be a “cool” charity shop, everything is sorted through and hand picked to make sure everything they’re selling is of good quality and basically doesn’t look like something your grandma would wear. Nearly every time i picked something off the rail it was from a brand i knew, i was extra surprised to find quite a few designer labels stocked between the highstreet brands. 

I had to restrain myself a little bit because i could’ve easily bought a lot more but i ended up settling for 2 pieces: A Laura Ashley jacket and Massimo Dutti jumper. Both of these items stray from my usual style in one way but are perfectly in line with the rest of my wardrobe in another, they’re both really classic items and remind me of a country walk a tiny bit (can you see it??). 

Let me tell you about this Laura Ashley jacket first because if i have to pick a favourite it would be this; when i saw it i knew i loved it but i wasn’t quite sure why – it could’ve been the rose gold zip, maybe. This is really me but also really not, regardless i’ve been wearing it constantly since i got it despite the weather still being a bit wintery for a spring jacket. The reason i got so excited about this is because it has literally not been worn, the extra buttons are still attached on a tag inside and you can just tell it isn’t lived in. I know the whole point of a charity shop is previously owned clothes but its just amazing to find something that could be hanging brand new in a shop isn’t it? 

This jacket set me back £28.99, that might come in the higher price bracket for charity shop clothes but to be honest this is completely worth it. I imagine the jacket new would’ve cost at least double and considering this was in perfect condition i couldn’t let it go. I always get a hell of a lot of wear out of my outerwear, so I’m pleased to have my spring transitional jacket even before the season has started. 

The second item i picked up was this grey, white and beige striped Massimo Dutti jumper; again this was in excellent condition and it had probably only been worn only a few times before it was donated. The worst thing with charity shops is that theres only one of everything, so if something doesn’t fit right its not like you can just pick up the other size; luckily enough this (like the jacket) fitted perfectly so i knew it would be coming straight home with me. 

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Also, you did hear me right this is Massimo Dutti, from a charity shop. I paid £24.99 for this which again seems a lot for a charity shop but usually i would pay around £30 for a good jumper, if not more and i imagine this would be between £50 and £100 if you were buying it new. 

Finally we have a picture of a fry up, because why not? The day i wore this outfit happened to be Sunday and you can’t have Sunday without a big old brunch, i wanted to put this in a blog post because i feel like non instagrammable food doesn’t get enough air time. Today, this blogger wanted to pay £5 for a huge fry up (with chips and tea) rather than over priced avo toast. 

Do you have any favourite charity shop finds? – Maria x

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