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Start and end your day with skincare

Start and end your day with skincare

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I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, my skincare routines are my favourite parts of the day. I don’t feel human until i’ve washed my face in the morning and there’s nothing better than taking off my makeup after the day is done; i’d even go as far as to say these are essential to me getting a good night sleep and getting the day off to a good start.  

So here we have my updated skincare routine:

Makeup removal: 

Even though this part of my skincare routine doesn’t happen in the morning, i still wanted to talk about it first. Thats kind of because i feel like a lot of people’s evening skincare routines start and end with makeup removal, when really its only a small part.

I always start by removing my eye makeup and even though i wear a really long wearing face base, eye makeup is actually the thing i hate talking off. I use the No7 beautiful skin eye makeup remover which helps to completely remove all of my eye makeup without irritating my eyes, i then go over my eyes with some Garnier micellar water to get rid of any oily residue left behind by the eye makeup remover.

To remove my face makeup i use a combination of two products: the Estee lauder perfectly clean triple action cleanser and the Garnier micellar water. I use one pump of the Estee Lauder perfectly clean to break down all of the makeup on my face, then i use the garner micellar water on cotton pads  to remove both the makeup which has been broken down and the remover which remains on my face.

That might seem like over doing it but because i wear long wearing makeup it wouldn’t come off with micellar water alone, i forgot to buy a travel size of this last time i went on holiday and it meant i was cleansing three times a night to make sure all of my makeup was off. Without this i’d be lost.

If i haven’t been wearing makeup or its the morning this is where my skincare routine will start, but if i have been wearing makeup i’ll follow on from here. Years ago i used to remove my makeup (probably with wipes) and that would be it; even now with my finely tuned makeup removal its nowhere near enough to stop there – on the rare occasion that i remove my makeup and don’t do the rest of my skincare routine i wake up the next morning with disaster skin.


When it comes to cleansing i’m definitely someone who switches up which one i reach for depending on what my skin needs, at the minute i’ve got three which i find myself using the most. 

If i have previously been wearing makeup i usually reach for the Estee Lauder perfectly clean wash and mask. This one isn’t “harsh” but it’s the least gentle of the three, it works really well to completely make sure any traces of makeup are gone and at the same time my skin is clean. 

If i feel like my skin is particularly prone to breakouts i’ll reach for The body shop tea tree facial wash because of tea tree’s antibacterial properties and because it’s gentle enough to not irritate. 

Finally if its the morning or i haven’t been previously wearing makeup i love to use the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, this is so gentle but still effective and works really well alongside the other Kiehl’s products i use later. 

To remove my cleanser i use a warm flannel or a Liz Earle cleanse and polish cloth, this is where i get that level of exfoliation without being too harsh but still really thorough. 


I have a serious thing for toners that come in a spray bottle, although it is slightly daunting holding a bottle to your face with your eyes closed. Before i spritz on my toner i like to make sure my face is nearly dry because i feel like then it absorbs better into my skin, but thats probably just a feeling i have rather than fact.. Also i never towel dry my face at any point, my skincare routine involves a lot of fanning my face so it air dries quickly! At the minute i’m using the lush tea tree water toner, but if my skin is going through a dry patch i also love the body shop vitamin E toner which is so soothing. 


Every time i start writing a new section i start off by typing its my favourite part.. They can’t all be my favourite part can they? 

At risk of repeating myself i don’t want to go on about how it’s so important to hydrate oily skin but i’ll just add it in quickly because it would be a crime not to: If you don’t moisturise oily skin your skin will over compensate by producing more oil, so hydrate and balance things out! 

After i’ve left my toner to absorb into my skin my face is in the perfect condition to take in product so my next step is a facial oil, even though i’m tempted to use it in the day (and some times i do) this usually happens at night. Currently i’m using the Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate, i’ve written a full review of it here if you want to know all my thoughts but to put it in a nutshell this stuff is insane, i don’t think i’ve ever loved a skincare product more. I use three drops of this and pat it into my skin, its as simple as that and the results are amazing. 

While my oil is busy absorbing into my skin i move to the eye area and apply my Kathleen caviar enrich eye cream, before using this i had never had an eye cream in my skincare routine and now i would never go back. I can’t believe i used to skip this before, now morning and night i apply my eye cream to make sure i’m not depriving my eyes of any TLC.

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Even though i have oily skin it can actually get quite dry, so even though i’ve applied a facial oil i like to finish off with a thin layer of the Kiehl’s ultra facial cream to seal the deal. 

This whole thing usually takes me around 15 minutes, it seems like a lot but its so worth it and considering what my skin is like when i don’t do this i can’t afford to be lazy! 


Do you enjoy your skincare routine? – Maria x



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