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What you should be doing to your blog behind the scenes.

What you should be doing to your blog behind the scenes.

It wasn’t until recently i realised how important blog maintenance is, it’s all very well publishing multiple posts but if the foundations aren’t right it can ruin the experience someone has on your blog. Here are the things that i do behind the scenes to look after my blog and make it the best it can be:

1) Check your links are working.

Its probably been a while since you changed your blog design and therefore a while since you added your social media links; its easy to set them up and forget about them until someone sends you a message telling you they’re not working! Social media is my biggest traffic source but it works both ways, people either come to your blog through social media or they’re on your blog and they want to find your social media – so make sure your links are present and correct.

2) Once they’re working, make them easy to find.

Theres nothing worse than finding a new blog, wanting to follow the blogger on Instagram or twitter and not being able to find a link. This applies to social media as well, i often want to follow people on multiple platforms and i can’t even find an Instagram username.

When i was sitting exams i used to live by the method of making everything as explicit as possible and i treat social media links the same way; nobody is going to spend more than a few seconds looking for a social media link, so if they’re not immediately obvious your potential new reader is gone. I like to put social media links at the end of every single blog post, with widgets in my side bar and with my pages above my header.

3) Experience what its like to be a reader, see how user friendly your blog actually is.

The majority of the time I’m behind the blog, i only see what it looks like to write the post and operate from my dashboard so its easy to forget what my blog actually looks like to everyone else. Its so important every now and then to go to your own blog and see how user-friendly it is. Here are some things to consider:

  1. How big your logo is and whether it hinders seeing content?
  2. Are the text sizes and fonts right, or could they use adjusting to be clearer? 
  3. If someone wants to search for a post you’ve been talking about, how easy is it for them to locate your search bar and what happens when you search for a kew word yourself? 
  4. Overall does it look professional? Does your blog look like something people would want to read or work with?

4) Check your traffic sources.

Its really important to know where your audience is coming from, that way you know where to promote your posts to get the best reception. My biggest traffic source is twitter but for others it may be pinterest, instgram or Facebook. Track your traffic sources everyday and see where your posts preform best, then you can focus on the sites that give you the most traffic and put the others on the back burner.

5) Refresh your old (but still popular) posts.

While you’re checking your traffic sources check your most popular posts, some of your most popular posts might be a little outdated but the fact they’re still being viewed shows they’re still relevant! Look through the post and see if theres anything you could change to bring it up to the level you’re at now, your photography or writing styles might have changed and its important to keep popular posts at a good standard. After all your mosts popular posts are often what bring people to your blog, so you don’t want them to read a post that isn’t as good as your newer posts.

Do you do blog maintenance? – Maria x

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