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New ins and old favourites

New ins and old favourites

Once i find an item of clothing i really like i’ll wear it for years and when i get something new i’ll probably wear it repeatedly over the course of the next month. I wanted to share my latest go to outfit which combines my urge to wear the same thing over and over again, a mixture of new ins and old favourites. 

I bought this Topshop coat back in 2014 and its seen me through a hell of a lot. When i first bought this it was so far out of my comfort zone that i carried it through my college hallways instead of wearing it; that was until a girl from one of my classes called behind me saying she liked my coat. It sounds stupid that someone else’s opinion encouraged me to wear it but it triggered a little voice in my head kind of like an “i told you so”, if this were an essay this coat would’ve been a turning point in the history of how i dress.

Theres a reason converse are even worn at fashion week and i can’t quite put my finger on why, other than the fact you can actually move in them and they seem to go with everything. I got my leather converse for Christmas in 2014 and even though they’re pretty battered they are still my go to shoes; i just need to remember to not wear them in the rain anymore .. puddles in your converse is definitely not a look. 

I showed my dad my new jeans and in classic dad style he told me to take them back because they were faulty.. he was referencing to the ripped knee. These Topshop jeans are a new addition that i can’t stop wearing, i was looking for straight leg relaxed jeans that didn’t look like they could belong to a 40 year old and these are perfect. My old skinnies feel like a leg prison compared to these and they’re mid rise, so i can eat an all day brunch like i did this particular day and not wish i was wearing leggings. 

The green flannel is also a ‘new in’ which i got this past Christmas (i seem to have gotten a lot of these clothes at various christmases???). I used to be huge on flannels but they have taken a back seat in my wardrobe choices in the past year or so because i couldn’t find a way to style them how i liked. I feel like i’ve finally found a good balance between relaxed yet structured with this outfit and the flannel fits in perfectly. I might add a few new flannel shirts to my collection, that is after i over wear this one 300 times. 

I wouldn’t call my accessories “new” but they’re not old either, my avocado choker was bought for me by my best friend who knows about my love of avocado all too well and my hat was bought from Primark at the start of the autumn to keep my head warm and hide bad hair days. 

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