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My top cleansing picks for different skin types.

My top cleansing picks for different skin types.

Out of all the skincare products i purchase cleanser has to be my #1; i go through phases of using the same one for months and then using a different one every 2 days. While it means my bathroom cupboard is at bursting point, it also means i can narrow down my favourites into categories dependant on skin type. So when my temperamental skin is being well, temperamental i can use the right cleanser to help.

Normal or Combination skin.

I don’t like the term “normal skin” because what is normal skin? But seen as thats the industry description we’ll stick to it. You lucky lot, the “normal skinned” lot, not really dry not really oily just plain old good genetics lot. On the off chance my skin is trying to fit into the “normal skin” category there are two cleansers i reach for, one is an old favourite and one slightly newer. The first is a classic: Liz Earle cleanse and polish. The first time i used this i got comments that day about how good my skin looked, that day! Its magic. When i say cleanse and polish i don’t just mean the cleanser, you have to use the cloth to get the full effect – without the cloth you don’t get that magic exfoliated super smooth skin that goes along with the creamy cleanser. This cleanser is perfect for normal skin because to me, the phrase “normal skin” screams lack lustre and cleanse and polish will sort that right out. 

The second is the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, a new addition to my skincare lineup. This is a gel like formula but because Kiehl’s pack their products with good things like glycerin and a number of different oils it isn’t stripping or drying. Although it says normal skin types on the bottle i think anyone could get away with using this, its an all round good gentle cleanser.

Dry skin:

Sometimes my skin decides to forget who it is and wants to pretend its dry for a few days, on those days i reach for Lush ultra bland. Its exactly what it says on the tin (or tub…) ultra bland, its bland not that exciting but so so good. I’ve gone through countless tubs of this, i even have 5 pots next to me waiting to be brought back to lush in exchange for a free face mask. This is so gentle which means its particularly good if you’re skin is irritated, i once had a bad reaction to a product which left my skin dry, red and itchy and this is all could use. Although i say this is good for dry skin because its essentially an oily balm, i also love to use this when my skin is oily too; It helps to balance everything out and add moisturise back into the skin. 

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Oily or Acne prone skin:

Although this is probably the skin type that has the most products marketed at it, its the hardest to get right; the majority of cleansers and skincare products in general which are directed at oily or acne prone skin are only detrimental to the situation. They’re often stripping, harsh and give useless advice on how to deal with your problem. This is the skin type i relate the most to and have tried and tested countless cleansers for when my skin is acting up, the cleanser that has come out on top is the body shop tea tree facial wash. I think the phrase that convinced me to buy this was “soap free” because i knew it wouldn’t foam or dry out my skin. This is perfectly gentle, it doesn’t sting like other tea tree cleansers i’ve tried in the past but your skin still feels really clean without being dry or tight afterwards.

Whats your favourite cleanser? – Maria x

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