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I went to Lush i bought some things = Lush haul.

I went to Lush i bought some things = Lush haul.

I’m not really one for a haul usually, but January means Christmas gift vouchers and when its a lush gift voucher you can’t just “buy one thing and save the rest” can you? 

Even though i’ve shopped at lush for years now i realise i never really stray from my usual favourites, this time round i decided to step out of the ultra bland and intergalactic bath bomb box and pick up some things i had never tried before. 

(Okay so maybe i have had the tea tree water before but the rest are new to me.)

 As i’ve said multiple times my skin is oily and acne prone but I’m also obsessed with cleansers for dry skin; to make sure I’m covering all skincare bases I picked up a new tea tree water so i can give my skin an antibacterial spritz after cleansing and attempt to keep spots at bay.  

Before this i had never owned a lush shower gel, yeah i know, shoot me. I went about smelling every shower gel they had to offer and if I’m honest i wasn’t keen on them all; some lush scents i absolutely love but they’re not all for me . In the end i went for the olive branch because i do really like a fresh scent when it comes to shower gels, also i think i had the comforter scent covered with the massive bubble bar in my basket. 

The last of the little bottles is the American cream conditioner, once again i had never even owned a lush hair product so I’m excited about this one. If I’m honest the name really got me, for some reason it makes me think suddenly my hair will turn into the hair equivalent of the American dream. We’ll see..

I’m proud to say i only purchased one bath bomb, i really don’t know how i did it other than the fact i compensated with three other bubble bars. This is the blackberry bath bomb, i think i picked this out of all of the rest because of how aesthetically pleasing it is, is it just me who finds the word bomb embossed on it really inviting? Also I’m a big believer in the colour blue, i look at this dusty colour and immediately feel relaxed. 

Yep i did it, i caved to the stereotypical gods and picked up a unicorn horn bubble bar. I mean look at it; you can already tell my preference for colours with the other products but this is just so pretty, despite its bright colours the lavender scent will also lend its hand to relaxation in the evenings.

I realise now i actually would rather buy bubble bars than bath bombs because you get so much more use out of them, are you imagining me on my tip toes trying to find the biggest comforter bubble bar possible? I’m having flash backs. With a bath bomb i always use the whole thing but with bubble bars I’m much more inclined to get loads of uses out of them, while still getting the amazing scents and pretty coloured water. 

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The last thing i picked up is this creamy candy bubble bar, I’m a sucker for a sweet scent and this is perfect. I can’t wait to put this in my bath but at the same time i never want it to end, it smells like candy floss to me and bathing in candy floss bubbles sounds like my idea of heaven. 

Do you have a favourite lush product? – Maria x

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