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5 hacks for quick and easy makeup!

5 hacks for quick and easy makeup!

Its not unusual that i’ll spend 10 minutes just blending out my eyeshadow in the morning and don’t even get me started on eyeliner. However most people value sleep over the perfect cut crease so, these are my 5 hacks for quick and easy time saving makeup!


 Like i said its not unusual for me to spend ten minutes just blending my eyeshadow; from base, transition and crease shades to patting on that perfect shimmery lid colour its probably what takes me the longest, but it doesn’t have to. When I’m short of time or looking for a more natural look i always go for cream shadows: No need for brushes, multiple colours or much effort in general.
The best drugstore answer to cream shadows have to be the Maybelline colour tattoos (£4.99), they’re super long lasting and come in beautiful shades that can stand alone or along side each other with no need for a shadow primer underneath. Pat them on with your finger and go, a one pot wonder!


Remember when eyebrows weren’t even a thing? Now they’re sometimes the most time consuming part of people’s routines and require multiple products and brushes. To save time on your brows, cut down the product list to one that does all like a tinted brow gel. A tinted brow gel always has a brush applicator so while you’re brushing through your brows you’re also setting and filling them in at the same time! Benefit are known for their brow products and Gimme brow (£18.50) is the perfect time saving 3 in 1 product. 


Thinking of liquid eyeliner gives me flash backs of held breath and curled toes; most of us can’t achieve the perfect wing in a few seconds so my advice when you’re in a rush: Loose the eyeliner all together and use eyeshadow instead. Using a small angled brush (or the smallest brush you own) pat a chocolate brown eyeshadow into the upper lash line, any mistakes can be blended out with ease but because this is such an easy mess free method its hard to go wrong. Using eyeshadow gives you a much softer look which doesn’t require precision and can be done in seconds!


Theres no better way to save time than to find one product that has multiple uses, these products used to be few and far between but they’re much more common now. NYX have their wonder pencil (£4) while benefit are famous for their lip and cheek stains (£24.50). However, you don’t have to buy an exclusively multi use product; the next time you’re in a rush and are applying a pinky creme blush pat some onto the centre of your lips or use your bronzer as an eyeshadow – nearly every cosmetic can be used in multiple ways.

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No matter if i’ve got hours or just minutes to spare i never apply my foundation with anything other than a real techniques complexion sponge or beauty blender; brush streaks and uneven coverage are long gone along with the use of the traditional foundation brush. Applying foundation with a sponge is hard to get wrong, pretty much anyone can bounce a sponge on their cheek right?? No matter how much experience you’ve had with blending foundation, the finish will always be better with a latex free sponge – think less ‘painting your face’ and more ‘seamless layers’.

Watch my youtube video on the same topic below!

Whats your favourite time saving method? – Maria x

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  • Lovely post! I don't usually spend much time on makeup in the morning before going to uni but what I do in a rush is apply some foundation on spots that need to be hidden, some mascara and/or eyeliner (I use the ones in pen cos they're the easiest to use and you can't really mess up) and lipstick. I prefer to go for bold lips, it makes the outfit immediately dressier, no matter how casual it is.
    Have a great day xx

    Tea |

    • Yeah i don't think you need to go all out just a few touches when you're short of time make a huge difference, i agree lipstick makes the biggest difference in my opinion, i don't feel complete without it! – Maria x

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