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My 5 favourite christmas films

My 5 favourite christmas films

Nothing puts me in a better mood than sitting down and watching a christmas film, particularly the ones i watch year in year out and never seem to get bored of. Here are my favourites to give you some inspiration on what to watch this christmas!

1) The first one isn’t exactly a christmas film but its a christmas special so it basically counts, right?? The Gavin and Stacy christmas special is my absolute favourite christmas special ever, i can’t quite put my finger on why i love it so much but i think its got something to do with the fact its so real. You might not get what i mean by “real” because yes, i know it is a tv show but Gavin and Stacy just manage to put those one liners in that wouldn’t be out of place in real life, it manages to perfectly sum up Christmas with family arguments and the phrase “not my main present though”.

2) The Holiday isn’t a film you traditionally think of as really christmassy but it comes under christmas films when you google it so it counts, okay??? Theres something about watching the holiday that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, i can’t count how many times I’ve watched this but to me it never gets old. 

3) Nativity! is probably the newest christmas film that makes it to my favourites list and no i don’t mean the nativity with the baby and mary and all of that, i mean the 2009 film with Martin Freeman. Like the other films and TV shows on my list, this just makes me feel happy – one christmas eve i wasn’t feeling christmassy at all so i watched this and instantly got that christmassy feeling once again.

4) Elf is a film you can’t help but put on a christmas film list, but it might come as a surprise to you that a couple of years ago i didn’t really see the attraction to the film. It turned out i just hadn’t properly watched it so once i sat down and actually watched the whole film i fell in love, like most people.

5) My last favourite is a good old cheesy christmas film that usually gets played on channel 5 on the weekends running up to christmas. Christmas with the Kranks is a film I’ve loved since i was a child and i got it on DVD, twice. I know the whole story line and exactly whats going to happen next, but it doesn’t stop me putting this on every single christmas time.

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