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My 10 favourite Christmas songs

My 10 favourite Christmas songs

For me nothing says christmas like the best christmas songs playing on repeat; instantly when one of my favourite festive songs starts playing i’m put into a christmassy mood, so for those of you who are trying to get into the festive spirit here are my top 10 christmas songs!

When i’m not really feeling christmassy putting on these songs which have been played at all of my past christmases really puts me in the festive spirit, click the playlist below to listen to my favourites or pick from the list.

1) Wizzard – I wish it could be Christmas everyday. 

I think i love this so much because i actually want it to be christmas everyday, i know people say it’d get boring but personally i love the idea of having a roast and then sitting on the sofa in christmas pyjamas eating quality street everyday. 

2) Mariah Carey – All i want for Christmas is you.

I couldn’t do a christmas playlist without this could i? Its self explanatory really.

3) Slade – Merry christmas everybody.

Although this has been one of my favourites for years i actually didn’t know its name until today i always just knew it as the Slade song. 


4) Wham – Last Christmas.

The 80’s hair, the skiing, the music video i never used to understand and always imagined as man giving his physical heart to someone in a box.

5) Kelly Clarkson – Underneath the tree.

Well what a festive banger we have here, although not as traditional as my other choices i can’t help scream the lyrics while in a christmas jumper.

6) Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas.

You know when you hear a song or smell something and it brings you back to an exact moment? That happens to me with this song. Every christmas morning this is the first Christmas song my dad puts on, so instantly its christmas morning in my pyjamas every time i listen to this.

7) Andy Williams – Its the most wonderful time of the year.

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It really is the most wonderful time of the year, people who don’t like christmas what even are you doing????

8) John Lennon – War is over.

I feel like christmas songs where they get choirs of children to sing little bits are some of the best…someone agree with me

9) Band Aid – Do they know its christmas.

They always try to create “another” band aid moment but they’ll never do it, i think the 80s had magical powers when it came to creating christmas songs.

10) Chris Rea – Driving home for christmas.

They play this in the Gavin and Stacy christmas special and thats my favourite christmas special of all time so this song goes hand and hand with it.

Are you feeling festive yet? – Maria x

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