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2016 Beauty favourites

2016 Beauty favourites

For me 2016 was a year of great beauty purchases, having started my blog this year my eyes were opened to a whole new world of beauty products. This isn’t just a monthly faves or things that i might fall out of love with once a few months have passed, this is a yearly faves: things that were discovered in 2016 and are here to stay. 

I have to start the post with the most influential beauty product i bought this year, it might seem ridiculous saying a foundation changed my life but it did make life much easier. Ever caught sight of yourself in the mirror only to notice your foundation was beginning to slip away or dreading an evening out straight after work because you knew by that point your face would be a patchy mess? Thats what i used to be like, i thought it was an inevitable downside to wearing foundation but after buying this i knew that didn’t have to be the case. Estee Lauder double wear is hands down the best foundation i’ve ever owned and trust me i’ve owned a lot, i bought this in February 2016 and have repurchased it several times since. Go on, try and show me a better foundation, i dare you. 

The next favourite goes hand in hand with the foundation above; due to its incredibly long wearing formula it needs a little extra care and attention when it comes to removal and by that i mean it doesn’t want to move unless you know how to remove it. When i was buying the foundation the lady at the counter suggested the remover, so i picked up the travel side of the Estee Lauder perfectly clean triple action cleanser and I’m so glad i did. I’d recommend this to anyone no matter what type of foundation you wear, this changed my cleansing game. Don’t get this mixed up with a foaming cleanser, this is a makeup removing foam; one pump of this rubbed into your skin will make your makeup melt away, i combine it with micellar water on cotton pads to completely remove everything.

The next product isn’t necessarily a specific favourite but it symbolises a 2016 favourite: Lipstick. This revlon liquid lipstick was the first lipstick i ever bought, yeah i know a blogger who only bought her first lipstick this year, i hear you. Before 2016 i was scared of wearing lipstick, it always reminded me of elderly women with messy application and i was convinced i didn’t suit it. Turns out everyone suits some sort of lipstick and i’ve fallen in love with it this year, so much so i’ve got an entire acrylic drawer dedicated to it now.  

Keeping with the makeup theme my next 2016 favourite is my first ever charlotte tilbury purchase, the legendary lashes mascara. When i first got this i was really unsure, the formula is very wet and can be really messy but once you get used to it and learn how it works it is amazing. This makes such a difference to my lashes length wise, volume wise, everything wise! If you’re thinking of picking this up use it with caution, it can either go really wrong or really right..

2016 was the year i invested in beauty and i certainly didn’t scrimp on perfumes; i bought a total of 5 perfumes for myself this year and i love each one individually but i have a stand out two that i can’t help but call my favourites. Its kind of like when a parent of five says they can’t name a favourite child but they know theres a couple they’d rather have hanging round them for the day rather than some of the others. My stand out two have to be YSL black opium and Chanel chance eau vive, they’re the type of perfumes you put on and make you pause for a second because they smell so good. Black opium is a wintery scent, with notes of liquorice and coffee while Chance eau vive is grapefruity so perfect for summer.

As you might be able to see from the picture my bottle of the body shop vitamin E toner is nearly empty – which as a blogger i class as an achievement. If i’ve used something enough to actually use up the whole bottle i know i love it, even with my oily skin I’m obsessed with hydration and this is the soothing hydrating step my skincare was previously missing. Contrary to popular opinion the job of a toner is to prepare your skin for the next products you apply ie. serum and moisturiser. i love this because it actually does its job, it really feels like you’re starting the prepping and hydrating part of a skincare routine with this. My quest to find a toner i love ended with this in 2016 and by the looks of it i need to pick up another bottle for 2017. 

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Finally, my last favourite of 2016 is probably the newest addition to the lineup; its evident i’ve already talked about this a lot because my mum even knew to get me a new pot for christmas! The Kiehl’s ultra facial cream is now my go to moisturiser for night and makeup wearing days, its so hydrating but somehow also light and doesn’t react badly to my oily / acne prone skin. This was my first ever purchase from Kiehl’s and I’m sure i’ll be making many more in 2017. 

Have you got a standout product from 2016? – Maria x

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