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1 Year of blogging: How i’ve progressed

1 Year of blogging: How i’ve progressed

Soon my blog will have its 1 year anniversary and as we’re coming into the new year i thought it would be a good time to take a look back and see how my blog has changed over the course of the year.

After posting the tweet above i received so many questions about how i had changed so much in a year and a couple of people asked for a blog post around it. Lets take a look at how and why my blog has changed..


I started my blog with no photography experience at all, photography was something i had no interest in and remember not understanding professional photographers because all you do is “point the camera and press the button”. 

I’ve made multiple changes to my blog but undoubtedly my photography is the biggest change; when i started blogging like i said i had no experience, no idea how important photography was to bloggers and i hadn’t even read many proper blogs. 

When you write your first blog post you have no idea where its going to take you, whether you’ll love it and continue for years or whether you’ll stop after the first line. I knew when i hit publish on my first post that i would continue, i was so proud of my photos and how i had created a whole page of text on the internet entirely written by me – obviously looking back now i laugh at my photos and writing but i am still proud of them because without them i wouldn’t be here. 

In terms of how i actually take my photos, the camera i use, editing and my tips thats all written about in a post which you can view here. However i think the biggest change in my photography doesn’t just come from the equipment or the editing, i think its all down to trail and error. Once you’re in a routine of creating posts and pushing out regular content you’re stretched to experiment with your style, use different angles, props and positioning; eventually you learn what looks good and what your own personal style is. 

The thing i’ve noticed about my progression is that its a result of loving what i’m doing, its like that age old thing you learn in school “if you like a subject you’re studying you’ll do well at it”. After my first post i knew i wanted to get better at what i was doing, my photography didn’t just get better overnight, there was no magic formula and i didn’t take a photography course (some people have actually asked me that). 

The point is: if you are utterly dedicated to what you’re doing and continue to do it for long enough you’ll improve, but you have to actually want to stick to it which is completely up to you. 


I’m glad i hadn’t read many blogs before starting mine, obviously as i went on i began to follow more and more bloggers and became a regular reader, but it meant that my content was completely original. The start of a blog is often the most difficult time and a lot of people look to other peoples blogs for inspiration, i’m glad i didn’t think to do this, it meant that as i created post after post i was growing organically and creating my own style and thats where the progression comes from. If you begin with writing posts imitated from another blog you can never actually see how you’ve progressed because your first posts are never really yours. 

On the other side of things, now that i do have loads of blogger friends and blogs i read regularly it helps me get inspiration for my own posts. It means that i get tagged to do posts and i might read a single line in someone else’s blog post and get an idea for one of my own, when i started blogging i had no idea about the huge number of bloggers out there, the community around me is something that definitely spurs me on to improve. 


I searched through WhatsApp chats, camera rolls and twitter to find a picture of what my blog first looked like back when it was first put on the internet.. my blog first started out as a tumblr account. I was so scared of websites and html coding i thought i could get away with a tumblr blog, it was actually started on the 12th October 2015 but didn’t have any content on it until around December and then shortly after moved to blogger on the 13th january 2016. 

This is what my blog looked like when it was first on the internet…

Okay its not the best but its not awful, oh did i mention my blog used to be called “beautymattersbymaria” …what a mouthful..

Then i made the move over to blogger and trawled the internet for the best free theme i could find, i remember being so proud of how my blog was looking when i installed it.

Multiple design changes and a domain name later and we have what my blog currently looks like! I’m happy with it at the minute but I’m sure curiosity will get the better of me at some point and it might look completely different this time next year.

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Another huge difference 1 year on is my statistics: in January 2016 i had a total of 579 page views, at the time of writing this month so far i’ve had 12,869 page views..that number just confuses me honestly i don’t get it, anyone who’s ever read one of my blog posts i can’t thank you enough. 

My blog has gone through a lot of changes in its first year and i can only hope it continues, I’m not going anywhere! – Maria x

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