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Things that make me a stereotypical blogger

Things that make me a stereotypical blogger

Olympus pen and macbook pro at the ready..

I wanted to write a post on blogger stereotypes and how i don’t conform to them but i do conform to them and i love it, so instead of insisting i don’t spend 6 hours a day on my macbook lets celebrate the stereotypes.

  • I’ll do anything to get a good photo angle, theres a conversation that goes on in my house everyday which goes something along the lines of “wheres maria?” “laying on the floor taking bloody photographs again”. I photograph everything, I’m that person stopping everyone from eating their food or drinking their Starbucks so i can take a perfect Instagram shot. Yeah everyone else in the restaurant is like what the hell is that girl doing but it doesn’t bother me one bit.

“Maybe if we do it over there???? Maybe that’ll work???? Don’t get the back of my head in i haven’t straightened it.”

  • No, not all of us are Zoella obsessed but i am, loud and proud i love that girl and her beautifully packaged beauty and home wears. But no that doesn’t mean i’m trying to be Zoe either, how many times have i heard that..

  • I do find it funny when i walk into Starbucks and everyone has the exact same laptop, but i’m one of them and i’ve got a pre loaded starbucks card to go with it. 
  • I’ve got a personalised marble phone case and i love it, i’ve even been in the middle of a club showing people my phone case, turns out it glows too. 
  • Its my dream to get that infamous walking across the road outfit shot but i’m yet to achieve such perfection, probably because i’m 5 ft 2 and resemble a long haired mouse but i’ll get there..hopefully..i’m working on it. 

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  • I’ll be struggling with my sleeping pattern because my mind seems to go 30 miles a minute at night with new blog ideas and my solution to this will be to read a blog post on getting an early night. 

  • I might be up at 9 am publishing a blog post and posting about it on Instagram, this may look productive as hell but in reality I’m publishing the blogpost from my bed with a cup of tea and i got up 20 minutes ago. As a blogger you have to admit your life is edited, only the pretty food makes it to Instagram and the Mc Donald’s only makes it as far as snapchat. Photos like this don’t make it anywhere unless you’re me deciding to show everyone what happens behind the instagram photo: 

Are you guilty of any of these stereotypical blogger traits? – Maria x


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