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The best of the drugstore

The best of the drugstore

Although a lot of the makeup i wear does stray to the high end “end” of the makeup spectrum there are a few products from the drugstore which i would never replace with a high end alternative.

Some of these products i have been using for years, others are slightly newer to my collection but they are all products i don’t ever see myself swapping because i love them so much.

Lets start off with something i’ve never heard anyone talk about ever (that is apart from me of course). The No 7 Airbrush Away Pore Minimising Primer is something i’ve re-purchased time and time again, i’ve had smash box primers, the benefit professional and a multitude of other drugstore primers but nothing does the job like this. I would recommend going to your nearest No7 counter to try this out because it is thick, too thick for many i’d imagine but perfect for me. My pores are the size of the grand canyon so this is perfect, it really fills and smooths everything over so they’re much less noticeable and i find my foundation doesn’t sink in like it would if i wasn’t wearing this. This works really well to give a velvety matte finish to combat shine; however like i said this is thick so it definitely won’t be for everyone but i absolutely love it.

Now for a firm favourite and something that i think i’ve been using since 2012, the Rimmel Stay matte powder. This won’t be a surprise to anybody, no drugstore haul or favourites is complete without this beauty; do other drugstore brands even bother to make pressed powders anymore??? For all the years i’ve been using this I’ve only bought a different powder once and still reverted back to this £3.99 alternative. Lately i’ve been going easy on the powder because my skin has been going through a dry patch (dry patch get it??) however i still use a small amount to dust over my t-zone to set my foundation and i’m good for the day, i never have to top this up. 

Lets get the other “no surprises here” product, the Collection lasting perfection concealer. I don’t use this to cover blemishes anymore because my foundation does all the work, however i use this under my eyes and on my eyelids religiously. I have really dark purple colouring in the corners of my eyes and towards the side of my nose but this covers that perfectly. Luckily the shade 1 fits me well, however i’m surprised they haven’t released more colours into the range; i’d imagine this is collections best selling product and making some darker shades would be a great idea so everyone can use this great affordable product.

I’m including this in a drugstore post because its a drugstore price but technically you can only get this online (i think), before being sent this i used both the urban decay primer potion and nars eye primer but now the beautyuk eye prime fix* is my go to daily primer. Unlike the Urban decay primer this doesn’t make your shadows really tacky or unbendable it lets them glide on and blend out easily while being a much nicer thinner consistency. I did a post on this ages ago but i wanted to include it here because its such an affordable product that i reach for over high end alternatives.

Although the NYX soft matte lip creams are like drugstore royalty (and i do love them) they aren’t the best you can get, if you’re looking for an affordable liquid lipstick formula the sleek matte me lip creams are by far the best i’ve tried. This is the most similar formula i’ve found to the Kylie lip kits and they’re only £4.99. In terms of actual liquid lipsticks the drugstore is lacking, there are a few popping up here and there but they’re always more of a cream or gel formula, if you’re looking for an actual drugstore matte liquid lipstick then these are the ones to get.

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Finally the latest product to be added into this lineup is the freedom brow pomade, i’ve tried so many drugstore brow products but all of them left my brows looking really weird and powdery. Its amazing to be able to now get a pomade in the drugstore, this stays on all day and creates natural looking brows which don’t look powdery because you only need to touch your brush in this to get the most intense pigment.

Sometimes high end products do out preform what you can get in the drugstore but not in the case of these products, i’ve tried and tested each product against multiple high end alternatives and these still came out on top! – Maria x


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