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Zoella lifestyle review

Zoella lifestyle review

Usually when Zoe releases things i’m the first on the bandwagon but i’ve waited until now to get my hands on the new Zoella Lifestyle range, i’m proud of myself for resting buying for this long but i had to give in.

Technically i am still on a bit of a spending ban (Minus the olympus pen *cough*), but the on my travels backpack was £26 in boots this week when it used to be £50 so it would’ve been rude of me not to take them up on that offer, wouldn’t it? 

The set is packed inside a beautifully soft grey backpack, Zoella lifestyle follows a gorgeous grey/orange/copper colour scheme so the backpack is lined with the signature orange from the collection. You get the backpack itself, a travel cup, 5 pencils and a keyring.

Lets start off with the travel mug, i feel like I’m going to repeat myself in this post but just look at this, really how did Zoe get it so right??? Zoe’s products always have cute little slogans on them and this is no exception, the cup reads “topped with cream & sprinkles” in rose gold lettering. As we’re well and truly into Autumn this cup is definitely going to come in handy for those seasonal drinks which are always topped with cream and sprinkles! You can also get this travel cup in a set with some fluffy socks here if you don’t want the whole backpack set.

I think Zoe is the only person who could bring out pencils and actually make me excited about them, i have to admit i don’t use pencils but these are so beautiful i’m going to keep them on my desk as decoration. These pencils keep with Zoe’s theme of putting little slogans on things; each pencil has a different sign off printed on it like “hugs and kisses” or “yours truly”. I don’t want to sharpen these too much that the slogan disappears so they’ll remain in a little pot on my desk, slogans intact. You can also buy these separately from the set.

Last thing inside is the key to inspiration keyring, the first thing i noticed about this was how weighty it is, its really solid! The keyring is in a beautiful rose gold tone and is proudly attached to my keys already, i think Zoe chose wisely with the word “inspire” its lovely to look down at your keys and see a little uplifting message.

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Finally the backpack its self has a flap over a drawstring closure, i would prefer a buckle or something to make it slightly more secure but its not the end of the world! I love this backpack, the way its designed means you get the functionality of a backpack while still looking put together. I’ve also noticed with this range they’ve held back on the Zoella branding which i think it a good idea on their part. The only branding on the backpack is a little embossed Z on the bottom of the bag which i think is lovely and subtle, small Zs are really the only branding throughout the range excluding the packaging. 

Thats it for all of my Zoella Lifestyle collection, i’ve already decided i’m going to be adding to my collection come christmas time – those notebooks and pots are calling my name!

Have you got any Zoella lifestyle? – Maria x


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