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Why i’m not buying into the subscription box trend

Why i’m not buying into the subscription box trend

I can already tell this is going to be an unpopular blogger option however.. Its almost impossible to scroll through a beauty blog without seeing a monthly subscription box review but i’ve never subscribed to one and don’t really plan on it, heres why: 

Theres a few reasons why i’m not into the monthly subscription box trend but mainly because i don’t find them necessary; subscription boxes to me are like a physical way to describe how obsessed we are with buying. Don’t get me wrong i love to shop, i love to try new beauty products but i just think receiving new ones monthly is kind of a step too far.

With constant talk of spending bans and efforts to use up products going around in the beauty community, i feel like subscription boxes are really counter productive. I don’t really need 6 new beauty products a month; although its probably fun and might work out a cheaper way to try a miniature or full sized product, ultimately its going to work out better for the environment and for my pocket if i see one thing i really want to try and use that for a few months instead. 

Okay i get it, its like a little present from you to you but lately when i’ve seen people posting pictures of their subscription boxes there has always been negative comments here and there. I’ve been thinking about subscription boxes a lot lately and in the past i’ve thought about subscribing myself, but nearly everyday i see people let down by what they’ve received. Theres always talk of repeats, being disappointed by the products sent and that they don’t fit with the criteria of products they signed up for. 

Subscription boxes say a lot about modern culture, i know people who subscribe to food subscription services (i don’t want to name and shame specific subscriptions) and because of that had never measured out ingredients before because it was always done for them in the box. 

Nowadays theres a subscription box for everything, even a monthly date night in a box, but they’re just not for me. You might love your monthly box of goodies and may have never been disappointed by them ever, and yes on weeks where I’m experiencing bloggers block i do envy those who can rely on a subscription box review, but subscription boxes aren’t this bloggers cup of tea! 

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What do you think of the subscription box trend? – Maria x 


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  • I agree. They look fun and like a neat surprise every month, but I don't need more stuff that will ultimately just be sitting around. I have samples from years ago that are sitting around waiting to be loved- I can't imagine multiplying that bunch every month lol. Some samples are extremely useful and get used immediately but most I end up ignoring. Not sure if its worth the price each month!

  • I can't really speak on behalf of the makeup boxes but I've used HelloFresh a couple of times and I absolutely love it. It's a fun way to make things that you would never have considered before! There's definitely a convenience factor as well because they tend to be priced higher than if you just got everything yourself. I recently saw a subscription box aimed at men that provided new ties every month…really? Do I need that? I think some are worthwhile and some are not.

    • Yeah i can see why something that you would consume would be useful, but when its a product that you use up or a tie then i can't see the attraction aha ! thanks for reading! – Maria x

  • I used to really enjoy subscription boxes and I'd still kinda like to have one going again. I stopped as I ended up with SO many products I never used, but I loved them at the time and would get to try out all sorts of products I wouldn't have otherwise picked up.

    Nicola //

  • I think that a subscription box once in a while would be really nice, say every 6 months or so (I like the idea of being able to try products you wouldn't have otherwise) but to receive them monthly is in my opinion, a bit excessive and a bit unnecessary. As you said, it's a waste of packaging and would definitely be expensive in the long run x

  • I completely agree with this. I've looked into beauty subscription boxes before but have never really understood the attraction. I cannot justify spending money each month on products I may or may not like. I understand that it may be fun to get to try new things all the time, but what am I going to do with things that just didn't take my fancy? Not to mention what I imagine would become the hoarding of products. Great post x

  • I feel the same. I would rather spend my hard-earned money on products I have chosen and saved for, rather than gamble. When I see the reviews it seems to be the same old samples being given out over and over x

  • I unsubscribed to glossy box at the beginning of the year because I found the contents got worse each month and most of the things I'd never buy full size, or even use up the miniatures!

    I'm saving for mortgage deposit at the moment and glossybox was the first thing to cancel on my cut back list. Saved me 160 quid a year!!

    You're not alone in not buying into them, I like the concept but theyre not personal enough!

    Kisses and love
    Jazziepickles xoxo

  • I never understood the beauty ones since you do get so many products every month, and that just seems a bit excessive! However, I have to admit that I love the stationary boxes. I would only do the month to month ones though, so I'm only paying when I have the money for it! Plus, stationary never goes bad if you don't use it like food or makeup would!


    • I never even knew stationary boxes exist wow! Yeah i think ones where you decide specifically what months to get the box are better, that way you decide when you're getting things rather than getting constant deliveries!

  • I agree SOOO much!!! I personally think it's a waste of money because I am so particular about what I use and I know that, without sounding rude, I won't like the majority of what's in these boxes. If it works for others then I think it's a great thing, it's just not for me! Great post xx

  • I totally get where you are coming from with this even though I subscribe to a few sub boxes and get 2 each month for review purposes. The way I look at subscription boxes personally, is that yes, I get to review the box overall. But I can also review the individual samples and products, which I can then post on my blog. That gives me the chance to review products that I might not want to purchase full size too. What I don't use, I pass on to friends and family, so nothing is in effect wasted. I also switch up my sub boxes as often as possible too.

    It also allows me to step out of my comfort zone somewhat and try things that I might never have even considered trying. A good way to try different products before shelling out a lot of money on something that you might end up hating.

    I am also bed bound, so it is not possible for me to go out and try samples over the counter etc. Sub boxes are a great means for me to do this in the only way I am able to now. 🙂

  • Oh yeah, I totally agree. I always think that I will save money by not buying makeup and just waiting for those subscription boxes monthly, but yes I do get disappointed in a lot of the boxes that I toss to the wayside. And it is such a waste, I have so much crap in my room that I don't know what to do with. I've tried ipsy, Birchbox, Glossybox, Boxycharm, Allure Beauty Box, and Play! by Sephora. Out of all of them, Boxycharm is my most favorite, I cancelled because it was getting a bit pricey. But they gave me stuff I still use to this day.


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