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Why blogger events make me anxious

Why blogger events make me anxious

I love it when i’m invited to an event, i feel really privileged that i get to go to often really special and well thought out occasions, however theres always a little pang of anxiety when i get that email in my inbox. 

Blogger events are exciting theres no doubt about it, from the invitation email to attending the event i feel like i’m involved in something really cool especially if its with a brand i know and love. But theres a few reasons why i’m filled with nerves before heading into a blogger event..

“Mingling” Mingling would be easy if you’re well known, if Beyonce walked in a room she’d have no problem mingling because everyone wants to talk to her because they know who she is. However when you’re an unknown person in a room filled with 20 somethings from the world of press and PR, approaching a circle of people already having a conversation doesn’t come easy to me.

What am i supposed to do? Crawl through their legs and pop up in the middle of the circle like someone popping out of a huge birthday cake????

Most of the time when i’ve been at blogger events the people and other bloggers i’ve met have been lovely, however theres always a feeling i’m being silently judged. I was at one event where another blogger pulled a face at me and looked me up and down when i smiled at her.
Even though everyone else i spoke to that day was lovely it really made me feel like i shouldn’t be there, before events now i always worry people will be judging me in their heads. I’ve never really seen anyone speak about this before because this community is very positive but i feel like the situation is being “whitewashed” or even “positive washed” sometimes you get a blogger who isn’t so nice and thats just life.

Before any PR or blogger events i find myself trolling asos for outfit ideas because everything i own doesn’t seem to be good enough anymore. I remember before my first ever press event actually googling “what to wear to a press event”.

While talking to a brand ambassador at an event i was prompted by the waiter to take one of the little canapés from his silver tray, it turns out its very important to actually know what foie gras is at PR events and also very important to think its amazing. Blogging aside i’m still a 19 year old who eats McDonalds and is partial to a cheese string. 

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Before i go to blogger events i’m filled with am i dressed properly? Do i look okay? Is my eyeliner good enough? While all these thoughts go through my head usually they’re left in the back of my mind once i’m actually through the door. I love attending blogger and PR events and feel so lucky when i get the opportunity to but i wanted to put my thoughts on paper (or screen?) for anyone else who might get anxious before events. 

Have you ever had any weird event experiences? – Maria x

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  • I would feel the same way… Sometimes, we feel as if we aren't good enough, and like even at our best others think they are too good for us. I can see it with bloggers, as some people are solely focused on the numbers and won't hang around other bloggers with a lower following count than themselves. I've never been to an event myself as in Canada there seems to be a HUGE decline in bloggers (oh well) but one day I hope to join you UK girlies! You do you, and don't be nervous. I'd be there for you if we were closer 🙂 x

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty (new post!)
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    • thank you so much for your lovely comment! hopefully you can attend an event soon in canada! they are really a lot of fun its just sometimes we end up over thinking things! – Maria x

  • It would scare me too! It's like anything new and exciting, it takes a bit of getting used to but I hope you get used to it! If you've been personally invited by a brand then you absolutely deserve to be at their event 🙂 thanks for sharing this! x

  • This is so relateable but in an entirely different way! I haven't attended any blogger events but I feel like this towards the blogger community especially on twitter. 98% of bloggers in the community are genuinely some of the nicest people ever however their are 1 or two that aren't so friendly. I feel very small, unimportant and invisible amongst the blogging community, it genuinely makes me feel unwelcome simply because everybody is either super nice or somebody is very judgemental.

    I'm no angel and I have a strong, loud opinion but id's never go out of my way to give someone dirty looks or purposely be rude to somebody, sometimes I may say a few things out of line accidentally but at least I can apologise and not make people feel unwelcome or judged/ *rant over*

    I'm really sorry you feel this way though, I think I'd be the same if I were to attend an event!

    Jem | xo

    • Yeah i find if you get bogged down in numbers when you're a small blogger like me you can feel a little bit unimportant but go you for standing your ground, its great to have big opinions on things, if anything that makes you stand out as a great blogger! – Maria x

  • I always feel nervous before an event. I'm always afraid I'm over dressed or not dressed smart enough, afraid my makeup is rubbish or that my hair will decide to live its own life on the way there… But once i'm there I love it! -K x

  • I have yet to be invited to one but I can imagine! I'd feel exactly the same way- you're pretty much going into an event where you no no one, and it's always awkward when you have no one to talk to and feel as though people are judging you. I'm just a normal gal who likes to dress up once in a while and eat my carbs. I would hope at these events someone out there is like that too! I'd like to consider myself confident but I feel like anyone in that position would feel strange, myself included! Thanks for such a good insight!!

  • I liked this post. Although I've never been to an event it does give a great Insight. Don't worry girl 💪🏽 confidence is yet to hit and you won't t have these doubts after a while. Just keep shining boo 👏🏽✨✨

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