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Rekindling my love for literature

Rekindling my love for literature

For the last three years of my life i’ve read non fiction politics books and although i do love a book that states everything thats gone wrong in the UK being the fault of Thatcher, i got bored. 

I used to love reading non fictions books, when i was younger i would go through a book a day but now i found myself barely reading a few pages a week. I got into the mentality that fiction books were pointless, that i wouldn’t learn anything from them like i would from a book which sited sources and had little graphs.

I realised i loved reading but not what i was choosing to read; so like any modern day predicament i turned to twitter to ask what fiction book i should read next, the girl on the train was overwhelmingly suggested. 

When i started reading this i had this weird feeling of happiness that i hadn’t felt for a long time, the type of happiness you can only get when suddenly you haven’t just got your life anymore you’ve got a whole other life inside a book. 

I’m no book reviewing blogger but the girl on the train was incredible, Paula Hawkins managed to get someone who hadn’t read a fiction book in three years to finish a book in three days. There were times while reading this that i would be so shocked, i would look up from the pages and look around me like everyone else knew what had just happened and i was looking for their reactions. This was the definition of a book you can’t put down, after every chapter i was left making my own theories as to what would happen next and although i didn’t want to stop turning the pages i didn’t want it to end. 

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I’m already that person who’s annoyed the movie is set in another country; i know when i see the girl on the train in the cinema i’ll definitely be that person saying “well it wasn’t as good as the book” just loud enough that the other people (who haven’t read the book) can hear me. 

Have you got any suggestions on what i should read next? I’m thinking Gone Girl because apparently if you liked Gone Girl you would like the girl on the train so i feel like i have to read that next. – Maria x

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