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Pumpkining around

Pumpkining around

Carrying on with the theme of Autumnal posts i seem to have started, i wanted to do an outfit post with some of my new bits from Stradivarius that have become my go to autumn pieces. I also bought a sparkly pumpkin, so there we go. Autumn.

I came home with this sparkly pumpkin in a recycle bag on the tube; i’m still wondering whether the people who sat next to me that day came home and told their families and friends about the crazy girl with the sparkly pumpkin. I’ll never know. You can find my new halloween accessory, the first of many at Sainsburys – it lights up too, what more would you want?

Also you might notice next to me a little coffee cup; this is an Ecoffee cup a reusable cup that you can get coffee shops to put your drink in rather than using a non recyclable standard coffee cup. You also get a discount on your drink when using one because you’re saving the planet! Thank you to my best friend and eco warrior Olivia who bought this for me. 

This has become my go to autumn look while its still warm enough to get away with a skirt, both the jumper and skirt are Stradivarius, my coat is Topshop (the link is to a similar coat, mine is two years old) and shoes are converse – because when do i ever wear any other shoes???? 

We also had a sweet afternoon snack at Crepe Affaire in chiswick, which is an incredibly instagrammable location. I wanted to take more pictures of the things on the back wall but i was already getting weird looks from the few people opposite for getting out my camera and stopping Olivia from eating until i had gotten a picture of the food, so i thought best not.

So that was my day, i had a load of little random things i wanted to talk about like the Ecoffee cup and my new stradivarius purchases so i’m happy i got to tie them together nicely! 

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