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I became a college dropout

I became a college dropout

I’ve been massively putting off writing this but i feel like i need to write about this chapter of my life, i’d feel like i was lying to you in a way if i never wrote about this on my blog.
Like the title suggests i dropped out of University, yes i know we don’t call it college in the UK but college dropout has much more of a ring to it. I feel like by writing this i’m trying to justify myself but i’m not, I left uni and i don’t have to justify myself to anyone, but heres why i did it:

I didn’t want to go in the first place. There, i said it. That was something i was worrying and thinking about for the last few months, i knew for a while i didn’t actually want to go to university anymore – i’m never really sure i did. I’m really surprised nobody noticed, when people would ask me how excited i was for university i would literally just shrug, i wasn’t excited for university i was dreading it.

This was really unlike me, all through my life i’ve just done the things you’re supposed to do: handed in my homework on time, did my GCSE’s, got my A Levels and was accepted into a Russell group university. I was never someone who strayed from the norm i always just did what my friends were doing, this was until i decided to take a gap year. For the first time in my life i wasn’t doing what everyone else was doing, i was terrified and admit i felt left behind when my gap year started and i was watching snapchat stories and seeing instagrams from freshers week.

The feeling of being left behind quickly left me, if anything i started to feel ahead; i was making money, planning a trip to America and had a new hobby that i was enjoying more than anything i had ever done in my life. Everyday i would see people talking about how they didn’t want to do work for their course or being really behind, falling asleep in lectures. I knew this would be me, although i loved doing politics at A Level and i’m hugely opinionated on the subject, i didn’t want to be essay writing for the next three years especially with graduate employment rates being at an all time low.

So i made the decision to call my mum and tell her i was coming home; that day was honestly the weirdest day of my life, at the time i thought it was the worst day of my life but now i know it was far from it, it was the bravest day of my life.

 I knew i wanted to work, not where i was working previously (although i loved it there it isn’t the career path i’m going for) but somewhere i could learn from my mistakes and progress in an industry.
Last week i had a job assessment for something i’ve wanted to do for years, for the first time in a long time i’m excited about the future because that future doesn’t involve me being bored, miserable or in a mountain of debt.

– On to better things, Maria x

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  • I really enjoyed reading this! I knew i never wanted to go to Uni as i had no idea what or where i wanted to do/go in life. I didn't want to get in Β£1000's of pounds worth of debt to do something i will probably change my mind on and not enjoy. xx

    • Thank you! Thats exactly why i decided to leave, i can't imagine being in that amount of debt and constantly hearing people talk about how they don't want to do any work for university! – Maria x

  • I really enjoyed reading this! I applied to go to uni in London and got accepted but when I received the letter I thought "Why am I going to Uni!?" "I don't want to have a massive debt at 19 years old" "I don't want to not be able to travel or do stuff because of money issues or time issues" so i decided not to go to uni and work and try to find myself instead.. I would like to take a gap year (off work) maybe travelling.. don't know.. have you got any advice? what did you do during your gap year!?
    Love your blog by the way!



    • Good for you! I did a whole post on what i did on my gap year so if you go under the personal posts tab it'll be there, i basically just worked and visited a few places! it wasn't that interesting but i would like to do some more travelling in the coming months! I'd definitely try to go travelling especially if you've been working recently, try and save up some money and explore! – Maria x

  • Just found this post and wow am I glad I did! I've read your gap year post too and it I'm currently in the exact same situation, it's so reassuring to find someone else that's felt the same! I definitely think it's easy to get stuck in the channel of what you're "supposed to do" and also to feel quite lost when you break away from it! I hope everything's going well for you!

    Charlotte x

    • I'm so glad it was a help, thats exactly why i wrote it – my first reaction when i thought about dropping out was to try and read other peoples experiences so i wanted to write about my own. I'm doing good, thank you! I hope everything works out well for you, what ever you decide x

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