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Bantry Candles

Bantry Candles

Nothing says transitioning into colder weather than an abundance of scented candles, so when Bantry candles* asked me if i wanted to try some of their vegan soy wax candles of course i was excited.


In total I’ve got 5 Bantry candles: Pear and freesia, summer, spring and lime blossom. Quick disclaimer: i was sent 4 small candles to review and i purchased a large Pear and Freesia candle as a gift for someone. 

Each Bantry candle is hand made from vegan and sustainable soy wax, housed in a silver tin with lid and wrapped in their signature labels made from the same material as found on bottles of fine wine. These candles do really have an artisan feel to them, they use really simplistic eco friendly packaging which looks really beautiful and high end; the wax itself is almost pure white with one wick in the small tins and two in the large tins. 

Lets go through their 4 best selling scents, (in no particular order because i love them all):

“Spring” The spring scent to me is really like clean cotton. I can see why they named this particular scent ‘spring’ because it almost reminds me of spring cleaning, its so clean and fresh it simulates the scent of freshly washed sheets and fresh spring air. 

“Summer” I would literally wear the summer scent as a perfume, its a green tea and lemon scent which is like a burst of citrus. Again this is really well named like a fresh citrus summery perfume, even though we’re now in autumn i’m still lighting this – When lit in my bedroom, this and every other candle fills the room with scent but doesn’t hit you or give you a headache like some scented candles do, you can smell the scent once you walk into a room but its not so much that it becomes too much. 

“Pear and freesia” is a more floral scent which i have been lighting in the evenings, sometimes florals can be a little bit too heavy but this still has a light scent so it isn’t overpowering like other floral candles i’ve had in the past. I think thats because of the pear added in which gives it a sweetness.

Finally we have “lime blossom” which i think is the strongest of all the scents i own so if you’re fond of scents with a little bit more of a kick this is for you. It still has its citrus notes with the lime so even though this is one of the strongest scents its toned down by the freshness of citrus. 

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They’ve even got an autumn scent and a christmas scent is coming soon, if you want to get your hands on some Bantry candles you can use the code MARIAJ15%OFF at the checkout for 15% off until the end of this year! They also offer free shipping on orders over £10 or free shipping on any amount if you live within ireland. You can find Bantry candles here.

5 Euro (or currency equivalent) from each large tin candle bought in the month of October will go to a local 10 year old girl Oliwia, to help fund her treatment in her fight against cancer. You aren’t just purchasing a candle you’re also giving to a good cause. 

– Maria x

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