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Autumn makeup staples

Autumn makeup staples

You can’t tell me its too early anymore, we’re officially in mid October and my go to daily makeup has had a warm toned revamp. 

In autumn it gets dark earlier and so does my makeup, summer is gone and so is everyones obsession with fresh light skin, i feel like i’ve got a full face pass and i’m going to use it. 

I don’t change every aspect of my makeup in autumn, my normal favourites remain the same but i do change the areas where the most colour appears: my eyes and my lips. 

Matte lips are definitely more wearable in a/w, ok like everyone else i want to wear matte lips all year round but its kinda just more acceptable when the sun isn’t shining and your lips end up feeling like the sahara desert. I’d love to be able to pull off dark autumn berry tones but i don’t think they suit me, instead i’m going for Kylie cosmetics Posie K. This almost looks like a berry tone on me, i have really dark lips so a lot of people thought i was wearing Kourt K when i first wore Posie. Its my answer to a dark lip for autumn while not being over bearing against my pale skin. 

Autumn really is my time, the time for the pale people go come out of the shadows. Bronzy beach looks are out but i’m not skipping out on a little sculpting; i’m changing my bronzer to the too faced milk chocolate soleil. Its a matte bronzer and perfect for pale autumn skin, it still gives warmth and definition but its definitely not orange or shimmery like most “summer bronzers”. 

For eyes i’m going back to my current favourite palette the Zoeva cocoa blend yes i’m talking about that again, i’ve already included this in my monthly favourites and done a full review with swatches so i won’t go on. Its just so pretty and i find myself reaching for this everyday, the mixture of warm tone mattes and pigmented shimmers are so beautiful for autumn and are taking their place in my daily look. 

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Finally, on days where i’m feeling extra like i want to dress up as the orangey brown leaf emojis holding a pumpkin spice latte, i spritz a little bit of the Zoella beauty “bake my day” onto my outerwear like my scarf. This is so autumn winter, i wouldn’t wear this everyday and i do mainly use it as a room spray but on those days where i’m feeling extra festive i love to spritz this lovely warm scent.

How do you change up your look for autumn? – Maria x


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