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Zoeva cocoa blend palette

Zoeva cocoa blend palette

I feel like Charlie in Charlie and the chocolate factory, except my name is Maria and this is about eyeshadow. 

We’re changing season so obviously I decided i needed another eyeshadow palette, i went for the Zoeva cocoa blend palette.

“Selected with love for the taste for the taste of temptation” is one of the little phrases printed on the inside of the palette, which increasingly makes me feel like i’m holding an expensive chocolate bar when i use this. 

We can all see the mix of shimmer and matte shades look beautiful in the pan but, is this palette actually any good? Lets get down to it.. 

You get 10 eyeshadows in the cocoa blend palette for £18, that works out at £1.80 an eyeshadow; and if you ask me thats a pretty good deal! Especially considering the shades in this palette are very wearable, it means you’re going to get your money’s worth as you’re more likely to wear these on a daily basis. 

Zoeva really got the name right with this in terms of the “blend” part , these are so bendable. Up to now my favourite palette was the tartelette 2 in bloom palette, however i found the shades a little bit tough to blend. These are the most bendable eyeshadows i’ve ever owned, (especially those two matte brown shades on the bottom row) i couldn’t believe it when i first used these they’re just so creamy and soft. 

The shades themselves vary in terms of pigmentation, i’ve swatched the top and bottom rows: 

You may notice theres only 4 swatches here and thats because the first shade, “bitter start” literally didn’t show up (you could say we got off to a bitter start) but thats common with matte white shades and its not the case with the rest of the palette so we’ll move on! 

From left to right: sweeter end, warm notes, subtle blend and beans are white.

From left to right: pure ganache, substitute for love, freshly toasted, infusion and delicate acidity. 

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For £1.80 a eyeshadow the shades have really good pigment, they aren’t the most pigmented shadows i’ve ever used but for the price and how bendable they are makes them well worth the money! They are also really buildable so if you find one application doesn’t have as intense of a pigment as you would like, you can go in with another hit and blend it all out. 

You can see from the swatches that some shades have better pigment than others, the darker shimmers are practically opaque from one swatch but some require a little bit of building. 

We’re talking £1.80 an eyeshadow here, when you think about that this palette is really incredible quality.

Overall i’m so impressed by these shadows; they’re incredibly creamy, bendable and buildable so you can work up to the level of pigment you want. If you’re looking for a new palette for autumn winter and have a spare £18, this may be for you!- Maria x


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