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Mini Uni haul

Mini Uni haul

Its about time i acknowledged the fact i am moving to university at the end of the month and my gap year of working and blogging is coming to an end. I won’t be able to devote days upon days to blogging anymore; but the blog won’t end as uni starts, i’m going to try and balance both because i love blogging way too much to ever even consider stopping. 

I thought the best way to transition into my new life would be to buy pretty things because thats just my solution to everything, a sort of bury my head in the sand and take my card details type of thing. 

So, here we are with my mini haul of things i’ve brought for moving to University. Slight disclaimer i have left out a lot of things, i didn’t think toilet cleaner and sponges would be of interest so heres the instagrammable bits. 

I never thought i’d say my favourite things i’m bringing to uni would be a whisk and some spatulas but they’re the most beautiful kitchen utensils i’ve ever seen. I kinda want to hang them in my room instead?? (£2 each ASDA)

Flamingo glasses!! Yeah maybe they will be too small for most drinks but they’ve got pink flamingos on them so.. (IKEA)

Okay i could’ve brought plates and bowls from home but i’m the type of person who wants shiny new things all the time and they’ve got flowers on. (Bowls £3 each, Plates £2 each ASDA) 

I haven’t bought much decorative stuff because i’ll be taking a lot of that stuff from my room at home but i did get a few things that are more for my room rather than the kitchen:

I thought this photo album would double as good decoration because i can stand it up on my bedside table and make it look like a cute little sign with “Follow your heart”. (£4 ASDA)

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I also picked up this diary, it has a page for each day and begins in July and runs until July so its perfect for the academic year. I also really want to be able to stay on top of things, i find writing things i have to do on paper gives me a much clearer head. (£4 ASDA)

Like i said i didn’t actually buy a lot of decorative stuff most of that i’ll be bringing from home, like photo frames, my personalised clock from tillyanna*, candles (only for decoration) and some fairy lights. 

Are you moving to uni this year, what essentials will you be bring with you? – Maria x


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