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Things i’ve learnt working in retail

Things i’ve learnt working in retail

As i write this i’ve just completed a year of working in retail, i can safely say it was the best experience of my life and i picked up a few things along the way..

1) Some people still don’t know a bag costs 5p and they’re still not happy about it. Apparently a lot of people don’t watch the news and think if they complain enough they’ll get it for free, you won’t.

2) If you get to the counter, complain about the wait and then take 5 minutes to find your loyalty card i and everyone in the queue hate you.

3) No, the till isn’t wrong and yes, when you ask me to scan every item through again it will come to the same total.

4) “Do you work here?” No halloween has come early and i’m dressed as an employee complete with name badge. 

5) When you are in a uniform you’re no longer seen as an actual human being. I served one of my neighbours who failed to recognise me and told me i had an “easy job just scanning things”. He changed his tone when he saw me a few days later.

6) 3 for 2 doesn’t mean three items for £2. People actually think that. 

7) You can tell how new an employee is by whether they tell everyone to have a good day or not, i think i said that for about two weeks and then wanted to physically move every customer on with a sweeping brush when they were being too slow. 

8) Sunday staff are probably hungover and they all went to the same pub on Saturday night.

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9) Don’t come to the door ten minutes after closing and get angry when we can’t let you in, one girl seemed really desperate and when we asked what she “needed” it was a pair of hoop earrings. 

10) The only thing British people talk about is the weather, i know “the BBC got it wrong again” but i don’t need to hear it ten times a day while trying to work out the 15 vouchers you’ve thrown at me.

11) Also don’t throw your money at me. 

Have you ever worked in retail? Or in other words do you share my pain? – Maria x

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