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The versatile blogger award

The versatile blogger award

I was nominated by the lovely Jess Ann from for the versatile blogger award! 

First of all thank you to Jess Ann for nominating me, she covers fashion, lifestyle and travel so i’d definitely call her a versatile blogger! You can find her here

The rules: 

  • Give a shoutout to the blogger who nominated you
  • Link them
  • Post 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10-15 more bloggers for the award!

Lets start with the facts about me:

  • I’m a virgo and i definitely believe in star signs; it might seem ridiculous but when i read about traits of my sign or who i would match well with it always seems to be accurate! 
  • I’ve been collecting British vogue since September 2010, i have a few gaps in my collection but i still have a whole ikea storage unit in my bedroom dedicated to housing them! 
  • I have terrible eyesight like really bad, i wear contact lenses when i’m out and in the house i wear glasses so thick i had to get the lenses thinned down. 
  • All of my money goes on makeup and skincare (which isn’t difficult to spot from my blog) which means i spend much less on clothes. i’ll buy clothes every couple of months and when i do i buy things that i’ll wear over and over again like a pair of jeans or a jumper.
  •  I just had my last day at work and i’m moving to university this Saturday.
  • I’m an only child so i’m used to spending time by myself, sometimes i prefer it to being surrounded by a load of people.
  • Finally, when people ask me for facts or something interesting about myself i usually say i have a blog and talk about that, but that doesn’t really work in this case does it??

Now onto my nominations! 

Lauren (loulabellerose)

Natasha (beautybynatasha16)

Emma Louise (owlsandstags)

Cait (Boilersuitbabe)

Tamzin (Throughneweyesx)

See Also

Kat (chaptersofkat)

Okay so it isn’t ten nominations but these people are my favourites so, check them out! – Maria x


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