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The highlighter edition

The highlighter edition

Theres nothing like highlighter to give your skin a natural (or completely unnatural but amazing) healthy glow. 

While i do favour a more matte t-zone i love giving the high points of my face a shimmer to make my skin look more alive; i wanted to talk through some of my favourite highlighters and tell you about a possible dupe!

I’ve got 5 favourite highlighters swatched below, at this point try and differentiate between the one that costs £34 and the one that costs £3; trust me you’ll be surprised. 

Closest to the bottom of the picture going upwards: Benefit high beam, The Balm Mary Lou manizer, Makeup revolution highlight shade in the contour palette, Hourglass ambient strobe powder in irredecient light and makeup revolution strobe highlighter in moon glow lights. 

I want to start with the highlighter which costs the most but one that i believe i’ve found a much cheaper alternative for with a very similar finish. 

The hourglass ambient strobe powder £34 in iridescent light is probably one of the most expensive makeup items i own. Admittedly it doesn’t swatch well but it does give the most beautiful natural highlight with a peachy tone, while being so soft and long lasting.

Until now i didn’t think it would be possible to come close to the finish of this highlighter but makeup revolution have done it with their new strobe highlighters. 

MUR strobe highlighter in moon glow lights £3. Although it is slightly more pink in the pan this gives such a similar finish to the hourglass ambient strobe powder, neither show up well in swatches but are beautiful, soft and natural on the skin. Both can be used wet and be built up to enhance intensity. 

Like i said they don’t swatch well but do definitely show up on the skin, neither of these two highlighters are the most intense you can get but they give such a similar finish so i’d definitely recommend checking out the MUR one first before paying £34. 

Moving onto highlights with slightly more intensity from low, mid to slightly more high end price ranges.

In this swatch above you can really see the difference in intensity between the three highlighters at the beginning, compared to the hourglass and makeup revolution strobe highlighters further towards my wrist. 

My favourite low end highlighter is the highlight pan in the makeup revolution ultra contour palette £8, its the whitest shade of the bunch – third swatch in, above. 

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This is such a great affordable highlight shade with such high intensity, you can really see this on the skin without being chunky or packed with glitter. 

My all-time favourite highlighter ever is the more mid range Mary Lou manizer £17.49, we’ve all heard about this. The best highlighter i’ve ever owned, the most pronounced and noticeable on the skin. Although this doesn’t come up the best in swatches its honestly the most amazing on the skin, a little goes a long way with this. (2nd in the swatches, the golden tone)

Finally a liquid form and more high end favourite is benefit high beam £19.50, this has been around for what feels like forever! Its the first swatch in the line up and is the pinkest tone, this like the makeup revolution white shade stands out the most in swatches but not as much as Mary Louminiser on the skin. Its still a very beautiful highlight, ideal for people with dry skin because of its liquid formula and can be layered under a powder highlighter to increase intensity. 

I hope i got something for everyone here, Mary Louminiser has to be my winner its by far the most pronounced on the skin. If you’ve ever considered buying the hourglass highlighter i’d definitely recommend the MUR one instead but neither give a crazy glow like Mary Lou manizer does.
Whats your favourite highlighter? – Maria x


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