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Eden perfumes Brighton

Eden perfumes Brighton

Want a vegan alternative to some of the most high end popular fragrances around? Read on..

Last week me and my best friend visited Brighton (post here),  before we went my friend had found out about Eden perfumes and decided she wanted to visit the shop while on our trip. I never expected to be writing about this until i smelt the first perfume and immediately decided that more people needed to know about this. 

Eden perfumes make vegan alternatives to so many well known, well loved and some very high end perfumes. When i say they make alternatives i don’t mean they make a alcohol heavy imitation in a knock off bottle; they have their own branding and don’t claim to be associated with any of the brands   they re-create.

When my friend told me about the shop i never thought the perfumes would smell anything like the originals but i was pleasantly surprised! We went in to smell their version of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, once i smelt that i knew i had to buy a fragrance for myself because of the such a huge similarity. If I’m honest if this was in a Daisy bottle i would’t have known the difference. 

I ended up going for scent 405, their version of Lancome La Vie Est Belle; the scent is so similar and so beautiful! Its not a carbon copy because that would be next to impossible but its a great alternative considering its a natural product at a fraction of the price. 100ml of an Eden perfume is £25 (£23 for a refill) compared to 100ml of La Vie at £84. 

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You can find Eden perfumes here, if you get a chance definitely visit the shop in Brighton so you can sample the perfumes for yourself and see how they compare. Out of the ones we sampled most we’re very similar to the original scents but some were closer than others. If your favourites happen to be Daisy or La Vie Est Belle then you can trust they’ll be incredibly similar to the originals. 

Check out Eden perfumes here or their instagram here. – Maria x


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