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By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick

By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick

Another pinky nude lipstick? Yeah.. 

I made the mistake of shopping in Spacenk on a launch day, By Terry were launching their new lipstick the “Rogue expert click stick”; so of course with the offer of a free makeup bag i had to buy one, didn’t i? This lipstick claims to be quite revolutionary, a 3 in 1 matte lipstick “rich like a balm, precise like a pencil and intense like a premium pigment.” Lets see if this click stick stands up to its claims. 

Theres 25 shades to pick from ranging from a couple of nudes to pinks, traditional and slightly more modern reds. I picked up the colour 2 Bloom Nude, its a pinky red nude with mauve undertones and although its very similar to many matte lipsticks i already own there is something slightly different about it. (or maybe i’m just telling myself that) It definitely changes colour once you’ve had it on your lips for a a few minutes, it looks a lot more red in swatches but it is more pink in real life. 

The formula of these is really interesting though, i can definitely see the balm aspect to them; they do feel slightly more like a cream lipstick and although they do have a matte finish it isn’t as matte as say a Kylie lip kit or Sleek matte me lip cream. 

The man in Spacenk was practically shrieking that these “wouldn’t come off” “they won’t even move”, but i don’t really think thats the case, they definitely aren’t as long wearing as liquid lipstick formulas. One thing i do like is when they do come off they don’t flake they kind of fade which personally i prefer, theres nothing worse than flaking liquid lipstick lips. 

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Would i say these are worth the £24.50? Probably not. Yes this is probably the most comfortable high quality lipstick i own and i do really enjoy applying it knowing its really really fancy but not for £24.50. 

You’re paying for a good formula but also for the idea behind the click up mechanism and precise applicator which are good but definitely something i could live without. 

Overall i’ll enjoy using this now that i’ve got it and not having to use a liner beforehand but i won’t be purchasing another – this is a good formula and good idea i just can’t justify paying that much for a lipstick when you can get very good cheap alternatives!

Have you got a favourite matte lipstick formula? – Maria x


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