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Blog photography: Props

Blog photography: Props

About a month ago i did a post on taking blog photography when you don’t have a camera, since then its become my most “engaged with” post. Its not my most read post but every time i tweet a link to it i receive several replies; i’m so happy with how many people its helped but it has sparked a lot of questions about blog props in my mentions. So i thought i’d dedicate a whole post to adding props to your blog photography! 

Props add so much to your pictures, while they help to make your photos more interesting they also make them applicable to current trends – adding props in styles and colours that are currently on trend put your photos on another level.

If we’re talking instagram the current trends are copper/rose gold and marble. Say if you’re photographing a product that isn’t necessarily new, adding props which are on trend make that photo exciting and attractive to an audience which are receptive to changing trends.

Props and trends really do go hand and hand just like trends in how we edit photos, back in the day everyone used to filter photos using harsh instagram filters making everything seem a little bit orange or blue or “vintage”. A photo using filters like that would most definitely get more likes than others but a photo edited like that now really wouldn’t – because that style isn’t in anymore. 

These are some of my favourite “on trend” props, adding these to pictures makes the photo instantly more attractive and keeps your blog up to date. 

Copper basket Amazon/ Copper tray sass and belle/ Copper fairy lights Amazon/ Phone case Pinku/ Alexa chung “IT”/ Candle unknown.

Trends aside props are important to lift your image away from just being a picture of a lipstick, especially if you’re just photographing one product. Some of my favourite props to use in photos are ones that most people have laying around in their home, so don’t think you have to spend a fortune!

A prop can literally be anything but if you’re stuck for ideas consider: 

Candles, trays, flowers, jewellery, books, magazines, lights, watches, your phone or your laptop!

Here i’ve used some of the props above, although the focus of the picture is still on the product the props make the photo much more interesting than if it was just a picture of the product alone. 

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When photographing one product the best prop will probably be the box, i’ve seen flatlays which look like they contain a load of products but when looking closely it isn’t near as many as you think because they’ve included all the packaging!

When choosing props also think about what you’re photographing:
 Try matching props to a colour scheme or choose props relating to what the post is about, its not always possible but as an example i did a post on liquid lipsticks and used a charlotte tilbury sticker with a pair of lips on it as a prop. 

Here i matched the colour scheme of pink, gold and black and tried to match up the lips with the theme of the post. 

Again i tried to match the colour scheme, the green in the scrub with the leaves, the black tray with the black lids on each product and the white candles with the white on each label. 

How do you use props to enhance your photos? – Maria x


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